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Winding through Wine Country

By Staff | Jul 29, 2020

Coincidences, do they abound? If minds are open to the possibility they’re deemed unforeseen, unpredictable or accidental. The word’s explanation fits a recent turn of events too obvious to deny as coincidence.

Recently I visited a weekly quilting bee when a member arrived with piles of leftover fabric from previous projects.

Among the array and printed in blue on yellow background, children and windmills completed a Dutch scene. This fabric was so abundant, one knew it fit the “fallen out of favor” category.

For years I’d contemplated constructing a quilted tribute to the Vandine family. I’d chronicled paper research on one of my children’s few non-German ancestral lines. And too, who doesn’t appreciate the mental image of windmills, tulips and wooden shoes?

It was Wednesday when the free fabric was added to my stash. Two days later I was off to a quilt show in Rochester on a roadway I’d not traveled in three years.

Headed north via Route 390, I was well past the halfway mark of the 200-mile journey, where new giant wind turbines loomed large on the skyline. High atop hills overlooking Naples and Cohocton, their giant paddles churned as if in slow motion.

I’d always assimilated the area with winemaking and Cohocton’s annual tree fest where individuals literally hang out in trees. The visitor’s bureau may now add turbine watching to the itinerary.

The trip was specifically scheduled to visit a bi-annual show sponsored by the Genesee Valley Quilt Club where for the first time a Vandine descendant submitted an entry.

Were these simply coincidences or are subliminal messages being sent? Often quilters require urging to complete projects. These so called coincidences tell me to start moving and wind up my tribute to Holland, Vandine, windmills and such.