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A Glance Back at 2008

Jan 8, 2009

In January, three women were sworn in as members of Muncy Borough Council-incumbent Vivian Daily, and newcomers Karen Richards and Linda Stein; Adam Curtis Summers and Joseph Little, both of Muncy, were arraigned on felony charges stemming from the killing of a pet deer on Dec. 26, 2007; Jordan Rishel, Muncy senior, racks a 1,000 point milestone in girls varsity basketball; the Hughesville Post Office was renamed in the memory of Master Sgt. Sean Michael Thomas, the first soldier from Lycoming County to be killed in Iraq; the stained glass windows were removed from the sanctuary of the Catholic Church of the Resurrection in Muncy in preparation of their new home at 75 Musser Lane; Susquehanna Health plans to open a health sports and physical therapy center within the ELYMCA; animal cruelty charges were brought against a Loyalsock Township man who neglected dozens of cats housed at 207 South Market Street, Muncy.

Gone from our sight were Helen M. Hallock, Samuel A. Derr, Stanley W. T. Croman, Margaret L. Hill, Anna Schuster, Barbara Ann Biddinger, Susan J. Holt-Nickey, R. Maxine Gruver, Dorothy M. “Dot” Wright, Gladys E. Raemsch, Hayes D. Horner Sr., Howard L. Altemus, Carol D. (Sampsell) Kirkner, Nancy Dora Hursh, Laura M. “Dee” Mincemoyer, Howard G. Ertel, Clayton D. “Stringbean” Snyder, Sr., Mary Ellen Montgomery, Bernard J. “Butch” Moran, Robert A. Stevens, Marsha Ann Burgard, Harley Ray George, Helen M. Dewalt; Rick W. Minier, Bernice M. Redmond, Betty M. Fetterhoff, Reuben J. Young, Harvey Stauffer, Sr.

Births published in January were a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gramling, Muncy, son to Mr. and Mrs. Travis Harman, Hughesville; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taggart, Hughesville; daughter to Heidi Barto and Loren Thomas, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Puzio, Muncy; daughter to Kyle and Melissa Bunce, Muncy; daughter to Jennifer Richards and Robert Heverly, Montgomery.

In February, the local spotlight shone on Muncy resident Dan White, who travels to Haiti annually working with orphans; Value City at the Lycoming Mall closed its business doors; a Leo Club was established in Montgomery; Springs Window Fashions in Montgomery downsized with the immediate layoff of 30 people; Jeremy Michael Ball was accused of killing Jason Sanner in a bar fight.

Separated by death and published in February were the obituaries of William E. Rall, Sr., Harriet H. Hoffman, Beverly M. Kile Eichenlaub, Evalene E. Van Dine, L. Ray Chirdon, Carol Ann Burkhart Snyder, Wade L. Swisher, Douglas M. Beyer, Robert L. Roseberry, George Alan Frey, Betty L. Scriver, Walter A. “Buzz” Robbins, Merna A. Fieste, Darold “JR” W. English Jr., Jody Raymond Minier, Doris F. Reed, Kathryn L. “Katy” Myers Wallis, Robert Thomas Armstrong, Maud E. Smith, Dr. Jane S. Bingham, Norman L. Eckley, Donald O. Rovenolt, Boyd D. Golder, Doyle L. “Sonny” Wallis, Marvin J. Miller, Frances Grace Novak, Ella June Kuhns, Mildred Litchard Smith, Boyd L. “Butch” Swales, Mildred Simon Michael, Betty A. Houseknecht, Thelma R. Bieber, Betty J. Yocum, Mildred Simon Michael.

Born in January and published in February were the births of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Yonkin, Montgomery; son to Mr. and Mrs. Layne Oden, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Justin Kelchner, Williamsport; son to Kassidy Phillips and Edward Bickel, Muncy.

We learned in March melting snow and ice combined with heavy rainshowers, causing Muncy Creek to overflow its banks; pet owners living in Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park faced the dilemma of a one pet per household rule; SFC James Bomboy responded to the flood of packages sent to him and his soldiers while they were deployed in Iraq; former native Phyllis Heberling realizes a childhood dream coming true of being a writer with the publishing of Maxi’s Choice; that the Ritz Theatre was one of three locations scheduled to premiere the WVIA program titled New Deal Legacy; the Lauchle family of Pennsdale, who make maple syrup;

Deaths included Harold M. (Sandy) Soars III, Hazel A. Ball, J. William Gatz Sr., Mary W. Lander, Carol V. Turner, Wanytta J. Braster Hinsdale, Phyllis J. Derrick Feuerherm, Maxine Shipman McCloskey, Emily J. Firth, Jason L. Sanner, Arlene M. Updegraff, Linda Arlene Emerick, Edna L. McBride, Ruth E. Schlee, Harry A. Fiester, Dorothy M. Wilson Derick, Donald D. Yohn Jr., Larry Samuel Temple, Delbert C. Saffel, James E. Ellis, Helen B. Laughner, Majorie Mary (Peggy) Egli Rosella E. Miller; Joseph “Joe” Burkhart, Glenn J. Harvey, Ruth C. Smith, Viola E. Pauling, Jeffrey D. Wrede, Alvin G. Harvey, C. Lester Shaner, Melody D. Baysore, A. Paul “Clink” Myers, Ralph W. Kemrer, Lillian L. Senseman.

Births published in March include daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Gerber, Muncy; son to Renee Rundle and Kurtis Simcox, Unityville; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Waldman, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs.Bryson T. Osman, Hughesville; son to Mr. and Mrs. Jason Merrifield, Muncy; son to Aimie J. Hormell and James B. Noviello, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Hanley III, Muncy.

April showers brought us the retirement of Muncy basketball coach John Brink; Susan Andrews, a Montgomery business merchant is featured for her participation in Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program; the story of Kim and Kurt Webster of Montgomery, whose daughter, Katie has Cystic Fibrosis; the Muncy Shade tree Commission partnered with Andritz in a beautification and ecological improvement of Sherman Street; a series by Joan Wheal Blank concerning Devitt’s Camp; the approved hiring of Dr. Portia Brandt as Muncy School district superintendent beginning July 1; road detours in and around the “Y” intersection as bridge improvements continue; the induction of Marcie Wallis and Jamie Campbell into the MHS Athletic Hall-of-Fame; tree plantings throughout the borough and clean up of Black Hole Creek.

Parted by death were Bessie O. Shaible, Robert E. Pinkerton, Pearl E. Page Virginia Weller Pfeiffer, Ismail Atiyeh Ahmen Elliftawi Jr., Charles M. Mounts, William Byrd Lewis, Geneva S. Boyles, Berton Kenneth Clark, Wilbur M. Crawford, Lorne R. Wills, Clara Irene (Houseknecht) Wheal, Victoria “Vicki” A. Hedberg Koser, Mary L. Neece, Anna Belle Sherwood, Willard G. Hutchins, Thomas L. Treese, Jack E. Edwards, Harry G. Valiquette Sr., Ina Ruth (Snyder) Kleffel, Doris G. Waltman, Michael G. Meehan, Mary J. “Skeet” Craig, Susan H. Snell, Vincent C. Hall, Mary M. Weaver, Ruth Dunkleberger, Stanley W. Hill, Mabel K. Poorman, Carl B. Houseknecht, Lee H. (Sonny) Sornberger Sr., James L. Holmes, Stanley W. Hill, Damien U. L. Palmeter, Geraldine R. Smith, George S. Forster.

Births published in April were a son to Jill M. Bouse and Kourtney A. Rager, Hughesville; son to Tracy Buck and Randy Ginger, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wood, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Delany, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Kroft, Montgomery; twin daughters to Mr. and Mrs. A. Carl Sones, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Croce Maiovana, Muncy.

May recorded the 100 birthday anniversary of Wilma Alvenia Worthington; the “not guilty” plea of Jeremy Ball in contributing to the death of Jason Sanner; demolition of the Grace Presbyterian Church manse; Muncy Council under fire due to proposed zoning ordinance changes; Pennsdale’s newest business-Pineapple Pie Art and Antique Gallery; an attempted child luring in the area of East Water and South Washington streets;

Leaving us much too soon were Sandra R. Halderman, Sidney A. St. Clair, Carol Jean Nihart O’Dell, Harley C. Houseknecht, Uriel Duda, John D. Walker, Charles Joe Neiderberger, Gloria L. Sones, David J. “Jim” Barnes Jr., Max W. Wertman, Zolna F. Williams, Meriam J. “Mim” Miller, Kevin L. Phillips, Robert L. Eddinger, Charles L. Bower, Donna Louise (Keller) Funk, Dorothy A. Weaver, Gladys E. Lewis, Mary E. Engdahl, William J. Hendershot, Stephen Dale Nuss, Carl E. Sheets, Isabel Hughes, Anthony Louis Venturini, Walter C. “Wally” Wentz, Jr., T. Gerald Yoder, Zane Eugene Statts.

In June, we learned that a cast of 20 seasoned actors and three dance companies were performing at The Ritz Theatre; two Muncy-area men pled guilty to killing a woman’s pet deer; the owner of Barto’s Tire and Auto Center was arrested for allegedly luring a teen girl to his business and having inappropriate contact with her; a quarter century of lawn parties at Muncy Valley Hospital was observed; the nearly completed bridge and road improvements at the “Y” intersection of Routes 405 and 442 injured five people; ironically, a few days after opening, a two-vehicle crash at the “Y” injured five people.

Passing from this world into the next were Eleanor E. Shaner, Betty J. Holmes, Mary S. Rohm, William L. Tagliaboske, Lloyd W. Baysore, Donna Louise Phillips Heiny, Jack C. Renn, John L. Reed, William C. Miller, Georgine M. Buck, Clara Belle Plotts, Clarence R. “Tom” Betts, Sr., Richard (Rick) Lee Williams, Larry A. Huff, Thomas R. Robb, Carol A. Bastian, William “Bill” F. Covert, Helen A. Woodside, Wilson W. Young, Louella E. Schooley Hile, John L. Reed, Mary M. Conner, Clara Margaret Kyttle, Cleatus “Cleat” W. Robbins Jr., Geraldine H. Boden, Ruby L. Fitzgerald, Rhena I. Bennett, Wilson W. Young, James Franklin Hoch, Samuel Edward Walker, Jr.

Births occurring in May but published in June were a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Denis Gorg, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mostoller, Muncy; Mr. and Mrs. Eli Q. Roberts, Hughesville.

July brought us news of the continued controversy involving the firing of the Muncy Borough secretary; the possibility of a military unit housing in Muncy and local Catholic Church mergers; Clayton Snyder, a familiar face at the Livestock Gate during the Lycoming County Fair, was featured; Kathy Turner Sterngold, who recently returned to making pottery and ceramic art; “Stay-Cation,” a series which features local attractions that are often overlooked for summer mini-vacations; following a sheriff’s sale, Trout Pond Park was sold to former owner Paul E. Guisewhite.

Published July deaths include those of Dorothy Fetterman, Virginia “Ginny” Troutman Heddings, Dorothy L. Montaque, Eleanor Louise Flick, Anna Ruth Richlin, Larry R. Sechler, LaRue H. Fenstermaker, Russell A. “Bert” DeWire, Richard E. Newton, Melva M. Herrman, Connie Margaret Wodrig, Albert H. Campbell, Jr., Philip Frederick Hartranft, Florence Althea Watkins, Helen L. Hakes, James A. Applegate, Donald F. Sherman, Sr., Dorothy M. “Dot” Balliet, Lois Lillian “Kendall” Davis, Howard M. Peterman, Harry F. Frey, Carole H. Lopez, William J. “Uncle Billy” Farley, Richard A. Bodle, James Cuchine, Mary L. Lewandowski, Florine Phillips, Mary M. Crawford, Isabel C. Anstadt, Constance R. “Connie” Hornberger, Dale J. Kissinger Sr., Bettie Jean Taylor, Albert L. (Abe) Morehart, Robert M. Ault, Earl R. Kramer, Alice Mae Peterman, Ralph L. Kisinger Sr., Anna Jane Engelman, LaRue H. Fenstermaker, Lee K. Swisher.

Births reported in July include a son to Dawn and Daniel McConnell, Hughesville; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Kishbaugh, Unityville, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Russell; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lewis, Mill Creek Township; son to Lisa and Greg Royer, Hughesville; son to Mr. and Mrs. Max Furman Jr., Montgomery; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Todd Puderbach, Hughesville; son to Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fox, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Akus, Montgomery;

In August, ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held for The Circuit and Petco, two new stores which opened at Lycoming Crossing; fire displaced a family of four and a single tenant from the double dwelling unit at 101 N. Washington St., Muncy; veteran Myron Watts was spotlighted; LC Desserts teased our readers palates; an interview with Tim Welliver, new principal at MHS; Hughesville Borough Council bans the use of skateboards in the borough; area founders of an amputee support group were featured; the dedication of the Raymond H. Perritt Stadium in Hughesville was spotlighted.

Those passing into eternity and published in our August issues were James Joseph Schick, Arlene D. Summers, Leon A. Applegate, Albert L. Rider, Jr., Leonard “Joe” Peterman, Fred M. Kurtz, Dorothy M. Myers, Stan A. Buddendorf, Patrick McCloskey, Barry D. Sones, Glenn D. Poust, Kathryn E. Swisher, George A. Keagle, Jr., Harold D. DeGreen, Paul E. Miller, Delores Hall, Richard H. Dugan James. S. Stugart, John W. Toohey, Cathy Marie Gottschall, Hilda M. Dauel, Harley E. “Bud” Minnier Sr., Clarice L. DiMichele, Mary Katherine Frey.

Births published in August were a daughter to Holly and Nicholas Fullerton, Montgomery; son to Mr. and Mrs. Tim Persing, Montgomery; son to Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Johnson, Muncy.

September brought our readers news of interest from Alex Lever, youngest pastor in Muncy who leads the Muncy Presbyterian Church; the story of Granny Fought through the memories of his children and grandchildren; the ribbon-cutting ceremony officially opening Freestyle Dancewear in Hughesville; resident Rodney L. Knier resigns from Muncy Borough Council due to purchasing a house outside of the borough; Barb and Scott Wertz of Montgomery were inducted into the Montgomery Athletic Hall-of-Fame while Hughesville tapped Dale Sullivan, Keith Taylor and Steve Budman into their prospective Hall-of-Fame; the Worthington Acres alpaca farm, located in Unityville was featured; the celebration of George A. Ferrell Elementary School in Picture Rocks as a No Child Left Behind Blue Robbin School Award; a series on the Reithoffer family of Hughesville, who have provided amusement rides for decades; dedication of the George Nace Little Spartan football field.

Gone from our sight were Jenette McCarty, Ann Louise Ely, Ronald J. (Brownie) Brown, Sr., Bertha H. Little, Betty C. Glossner, Lois B. Taylor, Margaret C. “Peg” Larson, Terry L. Kilburn, Loy S. Bolden, James L. Shuck, Howard M. Walters, Viola Pfirrmann Kennedy, May J. Cohick, Ada Mae Miller, Henry Thomas Weaver, Sr., Evelyn K. Richart, Blanche K. Crawford, Alene A. Golder, Alberta I. Robbins.

Welcomed into the world and published in our September issue were a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Little, Muncy; daughter to Dean Snyder III and Jennifer Lynn Mead, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Minier, Hughesville; daughter to Tiffany Sellers, Hughesville; son to Mr. and Mrs. Eli Stevens, Muncy; son to Alicia Erin Budman and Justin Lee Puderbaugh; daughter to Becky and Matt Gordner, Muncy; son to Amanda and Jonathan Shaner, Hughesville; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Gordner, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Alexander, Hughesville.

October featured the unveiling of a new state-of-the-art gas drilling rig in Penn Township, by Chief Oil and Gas LLC officials; Hughesville resident Christy Phillips, who is developing a moveable chicken tractor within borough limits; Tresa Glassmyre pleaded no contest to drunken driving and causing an accident in 2007 which killed George Nace; the return of Lloyd Wurster, who replaced the seat vacated by Rodney L. Knier on Muncy Borough Council; the Williamsport Paranormal Investigators who chase ghosts; the sentence of 11 1/2 to 23 years of Christine C. Balliet for repeatedly trying to kill husband Ron Balliet; a series of vehicle accidents at Haines Corner which claimed the lives of Harry Drick and Sarah Frycklund; the appointment of Mary C. Bennardi to the Muncy School Board of Directors; the EAstern Lycoming YMCA was officially dedicated; the Montgomery Lion were spotlighted for their sauerkraut-making endeavors, which has occurred for the last 51 years; all charges against Jennifer Villacrusis, a former HHS guidance counselor accused of having sex with a 16-year-old students ended when county D.A. Eric Linhardt decided not to pursue prosecution; Susquehanna Health was named as one of the Best Places to Work in PA for 2008.

Published deaths in October were of Brady I. Jordan, Charles “Farmer” Reaser, Jr., James P. Scott, Robin Rinn Rader, Helen R. Clemons, Mary E. Walters Hoover, Mary E. Gray, Jason C. Sherwood, Marion A. “Harris” Webster, Betty J. Baylor, Harry A. Drick, Marjorie Schultz Gerth, Samuel W. Harer, Agnes Hamm Rechel, Jesse C. “Butt” Robbins, Brian A. Cooper, Walter H. Gurthrie, Lee L. Schooley, Anna M. Shires Hornick, Sarah Olivia Frycklund, Carol R. (Drapeau) Dewalt, Margaret R. Gehr, Roy S. McCarty, Mabel L. Stewart, Gene C. Koch, Rev. Samuel P. Reed, Charlene E. Vinson, Pauline Ione Reed, Ruby P. Waltman, Mabel L. Stewart; William Henry Dildine, Jr., Paul Edward Myers, Sophie Ada (Miller) Watts, Ralph W. Sampsell, William H. Schweikart, Kimber Burkhart, Mary Rosamond Litzelman, Paul Thomas Hedricks, Autumn D. Shultz, Hazel Emma Kilgus Ginter, Ella B. Crowe, E. Louise Shipman, Erna C. Van Horn, Marian L. Sanner, Donald E. Akers, Nancy C. Sherwood, Thelma A. DiMassimo, Dyle James Miller.

Welcomed to the world and published in October were a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Laidecker, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Moyer, Muncy; son to Nikki Bogart and Albert Williams, Hughesville; daughter to Lisa McClintock and Logan Snyder, Hughesville; son to Mr. and Mrs. Rob Zimmerman, Pennsdale; son to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hartman, Unityville. son to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Whitmoyer, Hughesville; son to Marsha Whitmoyer and Mike Hunter, Unityville; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Euvi Solano, Elimsport; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Girven, Muncy, son to Rebecca Hill and Levi Shoemaker, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Frantz, Hughesville

In November, The Luminary reported on the retirement of Jim Nuss, post office clerk extraordinaire; the dedication of the Richard H. Lloyd annex at Muncy Bank & Trust; the transfer ownership of the Ritz Theatre to former proprietor Jay Richards; the spotlight of veterans Maynard Milheim, Omar Dewald, Elwood Guisewhite, and Harriet Kessler; Democratic senator Barack Obama was elected the nation’s first black president; Michael Fornwalt becomes the second councilman to resign from Muncy Borough Council; former MHS French teacher James Diehl has a new business-a bakery in Danville; over 600 people attended the elaborate dedication of the new building housing the Catholic Church of the Resurrection at 75 Musser Lane; the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new George C. Meck Senior Center, which relocated to 50 Fitness Drive beside the Sports Dome, in Muncy Township; four were spared in a bus crash involving three students and the bus driver in Muncy Creek Township;

Deaths listed in November were Marie Crawford, John E. Webb, Grace Jeanette (Ross) Thomas, John Robert Moser, Esther E. Allen, Robert L. “Shorty” Likens, Harley L. Strouse, Jr., Norma Marie Peterman, Gary Lynn Adams, James Weimer Hull, Keith C. Schuyler Sr., Lewis E. “Jack” Schuck, Mary Anne Heydenreich, Harry E. Winters, Ronnie E. Fischer, Melvin C. Dangle, Glenn Frederick Hursh, Melvin R. “Dick” Snyder, Rebecca Elizabeth Sherman, Patrick T. Eiswerth, Sara E. “Miller” Aderhold, Joshua Wade “Josh” Biddle, Heidi L. Micklow, David W. Fisher, Jerry A. Tanley, Rebecca L. Klinger, Harold E. “Andy” Andrews, Margaret E. Meeker, Ethel M. (Gray) Bigger, Eunice Rose Chestnut, Raymond Garlick, Shirley M. Lantz, Helen Marie Field, Beverly June Thompson, Eleanor E. Waldman, Donald Reynolds, Delmar Eugene McCormick, Bernice G. Pardoe.

Published births for November were a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Odell Jr., Montgomery; daughter to Jaimie L. Geary and Jerry Bragalone, Hughesville; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Douglass, Williamsport, son to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Siperko, Hughesville; son to Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Moyer, Muncy; daughter to Danielle Wright, Muncy.

In December, highlights included Christmas tree farmer Larry Pauling; Keystone Hook and Ladder Company’s recent certifications and new equipment; the decade-old ministry of Meg Murray, who selflessly spreads Christmas joy to area children through “Meg’s Box’; the opening of Crickhollow Studio in Muncy; apple orchard farmer Jacob Winter, of Huntersville; groundbreaking of Wolf Run Village and Assisted Living Community in Hughesville; Brian Richards, Hughesville graduate, who was named as the Yankees Museum curator; Cody Lynch of Montgomery, who was adopted by the Montgomery American Legion Riders Post 251 as special guest; Joshua Eugene Finck, of Muncy, who was arrested on charges of child porn on his computer; and the Luminary’s new Web site was launched, giving it’s community an active Internet platform.

Deaths published during December included Forest H. “Fory” Ranck, James W. McMahon, Herman L. Eiswerth, Grace H. Housel, Rev. Dr. Robert L. Close, Dorothy G. “Dot” Finerty, Norman L. “Baldy” Atkins, Bonnie Lee George, Walter E. Bartlow, Arnold L. “Brownie” Brown, Brennan Eli Kilbourn; John R. Katherman, William E. Derr, Alan R. “Cork” Dugan, Erma M. Moser, Margaret D. “Peg” Egli, Edna M. Arthur, Paul L. Frey, Ernest L. Wolford, Robert J. Reuther.

Births published in December were a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lundy, Pennsdale; daughter to Yvonne Swales and Christopher Stout, Hughesville, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gardner, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Moyer, Muncy; son to Sabrina Berger and Ronnie Beardsley, Montgomery; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wright, Hughesville; daughter to Angela Bryson and Mark Hassinger, Muncy; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James P. Brocious, Montgomery; son to Amye Akers and Joshua Seldon, Muncy; daughter to Stephanie Kingston and Jason Solomon, Montgomery.

Also passing away in 2008 but not published until this issue were Judith Ann Allshouse, Dale L. Baysore, Btt Corter) Huling, Esther L. “Sis” Raup, Doris J. Brownlee, Eileen Tower Brown, Genevieve M. Michael, Evelyn K. Tressler, Fred L. Smith, Paul W. Robbins, James M. Butler, Sister Celine Smith.

Births that occurred in late December but not published in December were a son to Melissa M. Walters and Kenneth M. Windham, both of Picture Rocks; son to Stephanie Kingston and Jason Solomon, Montgomery; daughter to Linda Lambert and Jeremiah Steinbacher, Muncy; son to Mr. and Mrs. Casey Harriman, Unityville.