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Second Man Arrested

By Staff | Jan 7, 2009

A second man has been arrested in connection with the stealing and destruction of numerous items at a group of Muncy Creek Township campsites on Route 405 sometime between July 13 and 23.

In a joint investigation, state and Montgomery police allege Paul Joseph Patricks, 18, of 112 Burley Drive, Montgomery, brought to the campsites an estimated $1,000 worth of alcoholic beverages and food that he stole from the Montgomery Volunteer Fire Co. concession stand at the company’s carnival grounds on Second Street.

Once at the campsites, Patricks began drinking the beverages with several friends, police said. When the group “ran out of alcohol,” Patricks went back to the carnival grounds “on foot to steal some more alcohol,” state Trooper Jennifer Jackson wrote in an affidavit.

Upon returning to the campsites, which had several campers, Patricks illegally entered one of the campers, stealing additional alcohol and food, Jackson said investigators were told by some of those in the group.

As the night went on, “Patricks got out of control, and started breaking stuff at the river lot (campsites). Patricks threw chairs, gasoline, oil, lanterns and all kind of stuff” in a fire that was burning in a fireplace, Jackson said.

“Patricks kicked the fireplace, causing it to break,” Jackson said. At one point, the fire became so intense that it ignited a tarp, Jackson was told.

Jackson has charged Patricks with burglarizing Rodney Watts’ travel trailer at one of the campsites by breaking out a window. Patricks also is accused of stealing a plastic gas container from the trailer.

Jackson alleges Patricks stole alcoholic beverages from William Hoover’s adjoining river lot and caused $2,800 damage to a third lot belonging to Dale Reynolds.

The trooper has charged Patricks with burglary and two counts each of theft by receiving stolen property and criminal mischief.

Brett Michael Boyer, 19, of 931 Michael Hollow Road, Muncy, was charged last week for his alleged involvement in the damage done to the campsites. He has been incarcerated at the Lycoming County Prison since early November on a parole violation and numerous other charges.

In addition to the state police charges, Patricks has been charged by Montgomery Police Chief Terry A. Lynn with burglary, felony trespassing, theft, underage drinking and corrupting the the morals of a minor for the break-in at the fire company’s concession stand.

The last charge stems from Patricks allegedly “enticing” a 14-year-old boy to participate in the concession stand burglary, Lynn said. No information was available on whether the 14-year-old will petitioned into juvenile court.

Patricks was arraigned Tuesday before District Judge C. Roger McRae on the two sets of charges and committed to the prison in lieu of $80,000 bail.