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Drunk ‘hunter’ sentenced for killing 5 deer out of season

By Staff | Aug 15, 2012

Judge Marc F. Lovecchio sentenced Robert Thomas Moore Jr., 49, of 2045 Pine Run Road, for killing five deer out of season.

A state wildlife conservation officer arrested Moore on March 3 after an investigation on someone spotlighting and shooting deer at night. Moore was charged with shooting the deer between Nov. 12 and Nov. 21, 2011. He was stopped by the officer in the area of Barto Hollow and Fague Hill roads in Penn Township on Nov. 21.

Moore also was charged with driving and hunting under the influence.

Lovecchio sentenced him to six months’ intermediate punishment with 72 hours in Lycoming County Prison. Moore also was fined $5,000 – $1,000 for each deer he killed. He was ordered to serve 12 months’ probation, during which time he will be barred from hunting and possessing a firearm.