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Flames consume home in Mill Creek Township

By Staff | Apr 9, 2013

Rendle and Karen Ranck at 329 Biddle Road discovered their home consumed in flames around 5:30 Saturday morning. The Rancks got out of the home safely. Muncy Township Fire Chief Corey Palmatier said investigators believe the fire began in the basement where a heater and a heat lamp were being used to keep chicks warm.

One firefighter responding from Picture Rocks said he could see a large column of smoke from Huntersville, five miles away.

Firefighters from a dozen communities fought the fire for more than three hours before bringing it under control. Tankers shuttled water down the narrow road from a pond about a mile away.

The local chapter of the American Red Cross, along with relatives, assisted the displaced couple who reported they had fire insurance. Damage was estimated in excess of $100,000.