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Storm, winds bring damage to region

By Staff | Apr 23, 2013

MUNCY – A violent short-lived torrential rain storm pounded through the borough early Friday night, downing numerous trees, tearing sections of roof off some structures and knocking a few outbuildings off their foundations.

“It’s like someone flipped a switch. It went from a light rain to a downpour,” Jim Michael, an assistant Muncy Area fire chief said.

“It was a like a microburst. It cut a three-block swath through the borough,” said Michael, who was sitting in his pickup truck in the 100 block of Carpenter Street when the storm hit. “It moved my truck a few inches. I’ve never had anything like that happen before,” he said.

Countless trees were blown down throughout the borough.

“A garage on East Water Street was twisted off its foundation. Another had its roof torn off and one of its walls knocked out,” Michael said.

There were no reports of injuries and it was believed that two families were left temporarily displaced as a result of damage caused by the storm, William Ramsey, the borough’s manager and Emergency Management Agency Coordinator for the borough, said.

The north wall of Orlando’s Restaurant at Main and Water streets has been compromised due to part of the deli’s roof being lifted up off the structure.

West Water Street from Main to Market Streets were closed to traffic until a structural engineer was able to inspect the damage and determine safety.

PPL crews were working Friday night to restore service to the many customers who lost power, Ramsey said.

More than a dozen trees were knocked over. “The way they fell, it’s like someone trampled on them,” Ramsey said.

There also were reports of numerous trees downn in Pictures Rocks and part of the Lairdsville area.