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Woman threatens husband with shotgun

By Staff | May 21, 2013

A Unityville woman who chased after her husband with a shotgun and put out the back window of his Ford pickup truck with a blast last August will spend at least four more months in the county prison.

Barbara Gruver returned home from running errands angry and drunk on Aug. 5. She told her husband Todd she wanted him to leave, and threatened him with shooting. He yanked two guns and a frying pan out of her hands in their Jordan Township house before fleeing in his Ford Ranger to a neighbor’s property, where he called state police.

Barbara chased after Todd in another vehicle and fired one shot with a 20-gauge, before he drove away. She drove back to their property and crashed into a telephone pole.

Barbara Gruver was arraigned on 15 charges on Aug. 6, including attempted homicide.

Last Tuesday, she was sentenced to nine to 23 months in county jail for one count of aggravated assault, the result of a plea deal, with eligibility for work crew release. Since she was jailed Aug. 6 and served time until released on bail Jan. 16, she needs to serve about four more months.

A forgiving husband likely contributed to so many charges getting dropped.

“We still have a joint house, and we have horses and dogs together. We’re getting along fine, and when I’m out her being there to help would be fine,” Todd Gruver said at the sentencing hearing, after his wife requested in-home detention for the rest of her sentence so she could get a job. “She’s staying (with a relative) in the city, but if she’s allowed to come there from time to time it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“We’re divorcing and I want to start building a nest egg so I can get my own place,” Barbara said.

Judge Richard Gray decided Gruver still should serve her time in the county prison.

“In light of the danger of the situation and the use of firearms, the court doesn’t approve in-home detention for the balance of the sentence,” Gray said. “It doesn’t seem like a good idea to let you stay there at the joint house.”

Asked by a representative from the district attorney’s office whether he wanted anything else, Todd replied, “I just want to get my uncle’s guns back. They’re a family heirloom.”