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Contractor stole money from elderly woman

By Staff | Jul 30, 2013

An area contractor has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman in Shrewsbury Township.

Jackie Linn Reed, 44, of 165 Heilman Circle, Montgomery, has been charged with felony theft by state police.

Police say that Chestia Arlene Rim, 72, wanted some work done on her home in the 9000 block of Route 220 in Shrewsbury Township. Someone at her church recommended Reed, who owns J Crew Construction, records state.

Reed went to Rim’s home on Feb. 6, 2012, and looked over the work she wanted done. While there, he drew up an estimate for labor and cost of materials, which totaled $3,100, according to the affidavit.

In return, Rim provided Reed with a check for $1,100 so that he could purchase materials and begin working.

According to police, the check was signed by both Reed and his wife and deposited into their shared checking account the next day.

Rim did not hear from Reed again until March 24, when he called her asking for another $500. Once again, Rim provided Reed with a check for the amount requested, records state.

After several months of silence from Reed, Rim eventually contacted state police. An officer went to Reed’s home on Oct. 19 and spoke with Reed’s wife.

She told police that she also had been concerned that her husband had not begun the construction project.

Shortly afterward, Reed began working on Rim’s home. However, police were contacted by a frustrated Rim again on Dec. 12. Rim said that Reed only had worked “a few hours here and there,” records state. Rim said that Reed had left materials and tools laying around her home and yard and had failed to clean up after himself. She also thought that the little work Reed had completed was done poorly, according to the court record.

Rim also had asked Reed for more money for material and labor, which he had received, police say.

On Nov. 22, Rim wrote Reed a check for $250 so he could purchase foam board and drywall. She told officers that she also gave Reed 4 gallons of her own personal gas from a gas can on her property for his vehicle, according to the affidavit.

She wrote him another check for $550 on Oct. 23. According to reports, the check was supposed to buy drip edge, glue and waterproof material, which Reed was to place underneath her deck to stop water from leaking into her downstairs room, police wrote.

She gave him another $100 in cash on Oct. 27 for a handle and outside lights, records state.

On Oct. 29 and Nov. 5, Rim wrote Reed two checks for $500 each, to pay for labor. Allegedly, Nov. 5 was the last time the woman saw Reed.

While speaking with investigators, Rim said she was uncertain what Reed actually had purchased with her money. Allegedly, she never received any receipts, and Reed never delivered any of the materials to her home.

While Reed’s initial estimate for the work was $3,100, by Nov. 5 she had paid him $3,500, records state.

Reed was arraigned before District Judge James Carn Wednesday afternoon. He is incarcerated in lieu of $3,500 bail.