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2 allegedly found drunk in running truck

By Staff | Sep 2, 2014

MUNCY – Two men found slumped over inside a pickup truck on Rabbittown Road in Muncy Township during the early morning hours of June 14 face criminal charges, according to state police.

When Trooper Daniel Denucci arrived on the scene near Koch Road about 5:20 a.m., he found a truck, near the side of the road with its engine still running and the gear shift in drive.

He had been dispatched to the intersection to investigate a report of two people passed out in a vehicle. The truck’s right rear tire was spinning in grass near the west berm while the left rear tire was partially in the southbound lane.

It took considerable effort for Denucci to rouse driver Timothy John Miller Jr., 24, of 216 S. Broad St., Hughesville. After Miller came to, the trooper told him to put the truck’s gear in park.

“I detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot,” Denucci said of Miller, who failed a series of field sobriety tests.

When passenger Julian Fitzgerald Trouvenot, 19, of 1025 Harding Road, was awakened, he was found to have marijuana and drug paraphernalia on him, Denucci said.

Miller, who had a blood-alcohol content level of .13, has been charged with driving under the influence of intoxciants.

Trouvenot, who also had been drinking, was charged with drug offenses as well as underage drinking. Both men have been sent summonses to appear before District Judge Jon Kemp.