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Man not guilty of statutory sexual assault

By Staff | Feb 3, 2015

A jury found a Montgomery man not guilty of statutory sexual assault after a trial last week.

Anthony Snyder, 26, had sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl on Nov. 7, 2013. At the time of the incident, he was 25.

The jury did find Snyder guilty of corruption of a minor.

To find him guilty of statutory sexual assault, the jury had to determine whether Snyder knowingly engaged in intercourse with the girl knowing her age of 15. The jury determined that Snyder reasonably believed the girl was over 18.

The girl testified she met Snyder through mutual friends, and when they met, he had told her his name was Anthony Skies and he was 17. She said that during their meeting, she told him she was 15.

The girl also said the two became friends on Facebook, with Snyder using the fake name as his profile name. She testified her birth date was listed on her profile, but Snyder’s page didn’t list his birth date.

Muncy police Chief Christopher McKibben testified that on Nov. 18, 2013, he interviewed Snyder about the incident.

Snyder initially denied the sexual contact but eventually admitted it happened, McKibben said.

McKibben said he believed Snyder was trying to minimize the incident through the way Snyder described it.

Snyder took the stand in his own defense and testified that on the night the two met, she told him she was 19, and he believed her because she seemed responsible and the way she presented herself.

He said the name Anthony Skies is an alias he uses on Facebook to protect his privacy, but he introduced himself to the girl using his real last name.

Brent LeBarron and Logan Walters, two friends of Snyder’s, testified they were present at a party during the girl and Snyder’s initial meeting, and that the girl told Snyder she was 18 years old.

The girl did admit she lied to police and her parents initially about the place and date of the incident.

She also admitted that during a preliminary hearing she lied about the circumstances in which she met Snyder, saying they met while she and her sister were taking a walk, not at a party.

Defense attorney William Miele asked the jury to keep her inconsistencies in mind while deliberating.

“She doesn’t tell the truth to her parents … to police or to the magistrate. Why would you believe she’d tell you the truth to the 12 of you today?” he asked.

Snyder will be sentenced on the corruption charge.