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Prison doctor facing more charges in alleged rape of inmate

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

MUNCY – More felony and misdemeanor charges have been filed against Dr. Donald James Stone, who now has been accused of raping an inmate three times at the all-women’s state Correctional Institution at Muncy on Route 405, state police alleged in court papers.

During one encounter inside the inmate’s private cell at the prison’s infirmary, Stone told the woman he wanted “to break her out of jail and make love to her,” Trooper Tyson Havens alleged in an affidavit.

The 63-year-old Stone is alleged to have raped the woman in the infirmary on May 22, June 1 and again two days later, Havens said.

Stone was not a state employee, but worked for a firm that contracted with the state Department of Corrections to provide medical services to inmates.

After working part-time for 10 years at the prison in Clinton Township, Stone was hired full-time in November 2014. His long-term association with the jail abruptly ended in June soon after police began receiving reports of Stone’s alleged criminal conduct.

The inmate met with investigators at the state police barracks in Montoursville on June 22 and reported that soon after she arrived at the jail on May 12, she met Stone, who started “giving her food, pain medication and magazines that were not provided to inmates,” Havens said.

Stone began “coming to the inmate’s room unaccompanied and ‘pet’ her arms, legs and rub her shoulders from behind,” Havens said the woman reported.

The inmate alleged Stone began touching her private area, and she admitted that did not “fight him off, but that she just let it happen because she believed he would just get away with it,” Havens said in the affidavit.

When the first alleged rape occurred, Stone grabbed the woman “by her arm and pushed her against the wall,” the inmate told police.

Just days after the third assault, the inmate requested that she undergo a series of tests to see if she was pregnant or if she had contracted any sexually transmitted diseases.

With two attorneys at his side, Stone, of Bloomsburg, agreed to be interviewed at the Montoursville barracks on Aug. 17.

During the interview, Stone denied sexually assaulting the inmate or touching her inappropriately in any way, Havens said.

Saying he had a “good relationship” with the inmate, Stone said he went into the woman’s cell “every day to treat her condition, but he would always have a nurse with him,” Havens said investigators were told.

One of Stone’s attorneys corrected his client, telling police that Stone would be in the room “at times without a nurse, but the cell door was always open,” Havens said.

Police had received reports from prison nurses that Stone seemed to be “spending an unusual amount of time” alone with the inmate in her cell in early June.

One nurse reported Stone had spent more than an hour alone with the inmate in her private cell, and that when he came out of the cell, he demanded that the woman be given a shower immediately.

The physician became “incensed” when a staffer told him the inmate would have to wait for her shower, Havens said.

During their interview with Stone, investigators asked him if he would voluntarily submit his DNA, but he refused and his attorneys terminated the interview.

Stone was arraigned last week before District Judge Jon E. Kemp on three counts each of rape, aggravated indecent assault, institutional sexual assault, indecent assault and one count of official oppression. He was released on an additional $50,000 bail. He will have a preliminary hearing on this matter on Friday.

When police filed these latest charges against Stone, the physician already was free on $50,000 bail on another set of charges that were filed in late August.

In that case, Stone is alleged by state police to have had inappropriate contact with another female inmate in the prison’s infirmary on May 29.

Stone denied the allegations in an interview with investigators, according to court records. Following a preliminary hearing in that case, Kemp ruled there was sufficient evidence to hold Stone on charges of institutional sexual assault, indecent assault and harassment.

In addition to Stone, Kemp also has handled separate criminal cases involving three prison staff members who have been arrested on charges stemming from their alleged actions involving inmates.

Corrections officer Mark D. Hoover, 45, of Lewisburg, and Thomas Eugene Wakefield, a 32-year-old licensed practical nurse of Loyalsock Township, both face further court action on a felony charge of institutional sexual assault and related offenses.

Corrections officer Anthony W. Porter Jr., 47, of Williamsport, was charged last month with one count of official oppression for allegedly asking a female inmate to disrobe in her cell.