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Charges dropped against former prison doctor

By Staff | Mar 31, 2016

MUNCY – After the alleged victim chose not to testify, all felony and misdemeanor charges were dropped in one criminal case involving Dr. Donald James Stone, a former doctor on the staff at the state Correctional Institution at Muncy.

Stone was arrested in late October on state police charges of allegedly raping an inmate at the all-women’s jail on Route 405 in Clinton Township on three occasions in the prison’s infirmary between May 22 and June 3.

In an interview with police in mid-August after the allegations came to light, Stone, 63, of Bloomsburg, denied sexually assaulting the inmate or touching her inappropriately in any way, according to court records.

He told police he had “a good relationship” with the inmate and treated her daily in her infirmary cell, and that there always was a nurse with him, court records state.

However, Stone refused to voluntarily submit his DNA to be tested, police said.

The inmate who made the allegations came to Judge Jon E. Kemp’s office last week when Stone was scheduled to have his preliminary hearing on charges of rape, aggravated indecent assault, institutional sexual assault and related offenses.

“After long discussions with family members, the district attorney’s office, the state police and a victim advocate, the victim chose not to testify and consequently the charges were withdrawn,” District Attorney Eric R. Linhardt said in a prepared statement.

“Unfortunately, fear of facing the justice system can be emotionally daunting particularly for victims of sexual assault. For some, it’s simply too much to bear,” Linhardt added.

The victim was expected “to seek a protection from abuse order against Dr. Stone in her home county, and Dr. Stone has agreed not to contest the entry of the order,” Linhardt said.

Stone, who worked part-time for 10 years at the prison before becoming full-time in November 2014, was terminated in June when police first began investigating criminal activity allegedly involving Stone.

In another criminal case, Stone was held for court in mid-October on state police charges of institutional sexual assault, indecent assault and harassment.

The charges stemmed from Stone allegedly having inappropriate contact with another inmate in the prison infirmary on May 29. He is free on bail on those charges.