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Woman who shot, killed boyfriend sentenced to probation for carrying gun without license

By Staff | Apr 29, 2016

Sherri L. Scarantino, 40, of 14 Point Bethel Road in Hughesville, was sentenced Wednesday to 36 months of probation and fined $250 fine carrying a firearm without a license.

The conditions are to continue with counseling, 50 hours of community service and family unit to go for evaluation. She is eligible for early release after two years.

District Attorney Eric Lindhardt decided not to file homicide charges against Scarantino in November 2015 after it was determined that she shot Ty Kimble in self-defense.

In December 2014, Scarantino called 911 and reported that her boyfriend, Kimble, had attacked her in her car, according to court documents. He fell out of the car after she shot him, according to court records.

Kimble was thrown out of a bar and asked Scarantino for a ride and when she came to pick him up, he started hitting her in the face during an argument in her car, according to Scarantino. After being shot, Kimble’s body fell face first and was dragged for several hundred feet, according to the district attorney.

The original police documents stated that Kimble had been shot in the head. However, documents later released by the district attorney said he was shot in the back.

Scarantino was able to reach a gun in the dashboard of the vehicle and, while Kimble tried to choke her, she shot him, according to the district attorney.

Kimble was found dead of what appeared to be a gunshot wound, according to court documents.

Lindhardt said he was satisfied that she acted in self-defense and reasonably feared for her life.