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Man accused of organizing thefts to pay for heroin

By Staff | May 15, 2017

HUGHESVILLE – To support their 50-bag-a-day heroin addiction, Travis Lee Eiswerth and a female acquaintance conspired to steal more than $30,000 worth of items, mostly jewelry, from several homes, state police alleged.

The woman worked for a local house-cleaning service and allegedly stole the items while cleaning the homes, said Trooper Rebecca Parker.

Eiswerth, 29, of 141 Boak Ave., Hughesville, has admitted to investigators that he “came up with a plan to steal everything and sell it to pay for heroin” Parker wrote in an affidavit.

Saying he did a lot a drugs, Eiswerth told police that he made the woman do the stealing and that he would “beat her if she did not take things from the properties,” Parker said.

The investigator said police were investigating numerous thefts that occurred mostly in the eastern part of the county between April last year and late January, and that all the reports had a “common theme.”

“All the victims were clients of one particular cleaning service that employed Eiswerth” alleged co-conspirator, Parker said.

Eiswerth told police “he and the woman were each using about 50 bags of heroin a day,” Parker said in the affidavit.

Among the victims in the case was Susan Lane Scott, who reported that $15,000 worth of jewelry along with a handgun were stolen from her home on Woods Run Road in Muncy between mid-July and early August.

Another victim, Stephanie Snyder, told police that an estimated $11,000 worth of jewelry was taken from her home on Bomboy Road in Jordan Township between the same dates, Parker said.

Constance Reece reported that an estimated $2,000 worth of jewelry, $100 in cash and some prescribed pills were taken from her home on Reece Road in Moreland Township.

Also during the summer, Carol Webb, another victim, reported $2,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her house on Blue Sky Drive in Wolf Township, Parker said.

During the first two weeks in August, Eiswerth and the woman allegedly conspired to steal $1,200 and a money clip from Paul McCoy’s home on McCoy Road in Moreland Township, Parker said.

Police allege that an estimated $1,600 worth of jewelry, a $50 gift certificate and $47 taken from Janet Hughes’ house in the 1100 block of East Lime Bluff Road in Muncy Creek Township sometime between last May and mid-January all went to support the cleaning woman’s and Eiswerth’s drug habit.

Police said Eiswerth and the woman sold most of the stolen jewelry to second-hand stores.

Eiswerth admitted that he actually took part only in one of the thefts with the woman, and that occurred at Centre Concrete on Fairfield Road in Fairfield Township, where $116 was stolen from a filing cabinet that was forced open in mid-September.

Eiswerth recently was arraigned before District Judge Jon E. Kemp on a total of 18 felony or misdemeanor charges, including multiple counts to conspiracy to theft and receiving stolen property. Free on $50,000 bail, he will have a preliminary hearing today before Kemp.