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Two DUIs result from second crash

By Staff | Nov 15, 2018

MUNCY – Just one day after charging motorist Michael Kappas with driving under the influence of intoxicants following an accident, Trooper Christopher Sulitka charged the 31-year-old Muncy area man with DUI a second time stemming from yet a second crash.

In the first accident, which occurred at Fogelman and Kepner Hill roads in Muncy Creek Township on Sept. 22, Kappas had a blood-alcohol content level of 0.33, Sulitka said in an affidavit.

The trooper said Kappas, who was driving a 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, had “glassy bloodshot eyes, extremely slurred speech and the smell of an alcohol beverage” coming from his body, the trooper said.

Kappas, of 932 Route 442, was processed and later released.

On the next afternoon, Sulitka was dispatched to a crash in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 180 near the Lycoming Mall interchange that again involved Kappas, who was driving his TrailBlazer, according to court records.

Just like at the first crash scene, Kappas’ eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred and alcohol was detected on his breath, Sulitka said. Again he was processed and released. His blood-alcohol content level from this crash was 0.36. Sulitka said, adding that Kappas has been arrested at least four times for driving under the influence.

Particular details of the crashes were not available last Thursday night.

Charged with two counts of driving under the influence of intoxicants and related charges, Kappas has been sent a summons to appear before District Judge Jon E. Kemp.