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Honest People

By Staff | Dec 12, 2008

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the fact that there are honest people in our society. Recently I was working in Muncy and in my haste to leave the job and go to a doctor appointment, forgot to close the tailgate of my pickup truck.

When I reached the doctor’s office, I realized the tailgate was open and that I was missing a new and rather expensive hammer drill.

Needless to say I retraced my path and did not find my drill and spent the rest of the day in a funk. The next day we received a phone message from Mike Noviello telling us that he had found the drill and when he saw the FHRS, Frederick’s Home Repair Service, marked on the case, he and sister Tilly identified it and called to let us know that he would hold it at Orlie’s for us.

I really appreciate him picking it up and taking the time from his schedule to care about someone’s possessions. Rest assured I will place a business card in each tool case now so I have all of them identified and I WILL close my tailgate! Thanks again to Mike and Tilly, and happy holidays.

Dave Frederick


Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading your story about the life of a Christmas tree farmer. We grow and are in the process of harvesting and shipping balsam fir from our farm in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The point you made that the work has to be done no matter what the weather is very true, not matter where you are.

Also people can tell we work in the trees when we go anywhere. Balsams have a very distinctive smell but when working in them you lose the ability to smell it.

I signed up for Google alert for balsam fir Christmas trees. There are always a few interesting articles this time of year.

Kathy Higgins

Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia