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By Staff | Jan 21, 2009

Dear Editor,

BEWARE! When you are hiring someone to do work on your house, be very careful who you get to do the job. We hired a local man to insulate, side our house and replace some windows. We thought he was a respectful person in our community. He, not us, complained about everything and anything the whole time.

We weren’t planning on doing a roof job at this time but he complained about the tin down over the edge being rusted. We finally decided we would do the roof. He quoted us a price and then the day they came to do it he added more money to the contract.

The worst thing is when the roof was done he took the extra plywood and roof shingles out of our yard that we had already paid for. My husband asked him several times about this but he never brought them back.

We told him we wanted to put a new front door on the front. He said we needed to buy the door and he would install it. He then gave us a bill for $648 for labor and $45 for materials-for putting a door on. Needless to say he will never do any work for us again.

June Myers