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Just One More Opinion

By Staff | Feb 13, 2009

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the article titled “Just One More Thing” where an opinion was given on the mother of the octuplets who already had six children at home. While this was probably not the best decision this woman could have made, I find it astonishing the number of people who feel they need to give their opinion. I bet we would not be hearing nearly as many opinions on the subject if this woman had chosen “selective reduction” when she found out how many babies there were going to be. I find it ridiculous when choosing life is looked down upon. We already know this woman receives money to care for her children, but do we comment about the thousands of other mothers who do as well?

The bottom line is that these children, all 14 of them, were created by God and there is a plan and a purpose for each of their lives. It doesn’t matter how they got here or that their mother’s judgment is obviously not the best. Instead of judging, let’s pray these children get the love and care they deserve!

Stacy Bigelow