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Muncy Borough Council Members Concerned About Its Residents

By Staff | May 19, 2009

Dear Editor:

As a long-time resident of Muncy, I’ve had many opportunities to attend public meetings of some of the various local volunteer governing bodies such as the school board and borough council.

Last week I attended a Muncy Borough Council meeting where a resolution was passed to continue to explore all the regional alternatives for sewer treatment partnerships in order to determine which of them would be best and most cost effective for the residents of Muncy Borough. This resolution followed a public meeting where essentially one viable alternative was presented. While some at the meeting did not agree with this direction, I was pleased to see the council members taking so seriously the concerns and needs of the borough residents. They voted to fully explore all the possibilities for regional sewer projects before coming to a decision, rather than rushing to accept the single proposal requiring a quick decision due to Montgomery’s timeline, not Muncy’s. Their willingness to take a step back, a deep breath and do the hard work and research of exploring whether or not there are other regional alternatives that may or may not make sense was welcome to me. It would have been much easier to “rubber stamp” such a proposal, but that was not what they did. No matter what determination is ultimately made, we are all better off for decision-making like that.

I really appreciate that the current members of the Muncy Borough Council are willing to do what needs to be done for the citizens of Muncy Borough (to whom they are responsible). The fact that these volunteers take their responsibility so seriously and back it up with hard work means much to me.

Kim Patterson