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A walk in Muncy

By Staff | Jul 7, 2009

The morning of the 4th of July was beautiful and saw me walking to Weis’s

market. I am used to the MPBA’s tired business district appearance of which

only Orlies, Muncy Bank, and the hotel have done anything to counteract.

I am not a Muncy native, just lived here 50 years, but I still appreciate

the good things usually taken for granted. My walk took me through the

elementary school soccer field, by the community swimming pool, which was

the first such pool in the county and paid for by local money. Then I went

through Lion’s Park (formerly known as Soar’s Grove and later as Frey’s

Park.) The numerous play things and the park’s condition for small kids,

either while just visiting or while a picnic was being prepared really

impressed me. First rate!

Climbing out of the park I walked through the cemetery. Immaculate! I might

have expected that for Memorial Day, but five weeks later? So many memories

came back as I recognized the names of those I once knew. The trustees of

the cemetery are to be commended on the condition of this memorial garden of

flags, flowers and familiar names.

I continued out Water Street noticing the recently planted shrubbery for the

Masonic Lodge and wishing their parking lot looked like the newly

constructed Catholic lot on Musser’s Lane,( and it will only get better as

the years progress.) Drive by and notice.

I also notice the six townhouse apartments that are nearing completion to

augment our growing (the only thing growing in Muncy?) need for people who

do not want a yard and full house to contend with (and usually don’t have

kids to cause a need for new school construction and increased taxes.)

Of course on my way out and back I stopped to talk with three or four, and

they also helped make my four mile walk a very pleasant experience.

Tom Taber