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Borough In Turmoil

By Staff | Oct 6, 2009

Attention residents of Muncy Borough. Since the last election this Borough has been in turmoil. I have lived here for 23 years and have never seen the unmitigated struggle for power as shown by the current Borough council.

They have repeatedly violated the Sunshine law and when called on it they feign ignorance and say it won’t happen again. According to the Borough website minutes they have had 19 executive meetings over the course of 16 months. Half of these sessions, according to a council member, did not entail executive privilege but should have been discussed in the open public forum. They have persecuted and fired Borough employees. They have force fed the residents their Historical and Zoning ordinances, which are being challenged in county court at the present time. They want to take over a water authority that has been self sufficent for over 60 years. To do this they want to obtain a 3 million dollar plus loan. Guess who is going to foot the bill in higher taxes? Because many of the Water Autority’s customers are outside Borough limits PUC will come into play and you will see water rates double or triple. Montgomery has been ready to partner up on the sewer project. Muncy council is dragging their feet waiting for Montgomery’s time limit to expire. They don’t want to share control. It’s no wonder the good folks of Montgomery call our council “the crazies.”

This Borough has a manger that has been MIA (missing in action) for a month. He is seeking and they will give it to him, disability. For what? He has a 45K paycheck plus extras for doing nothing except costing the taxpayers money like the Main and Carpenter Steets upgrades.

A Sherman Street resident obtained a valid Borough permit for work in his front yard. His neighbor, a Borough councilwoman, told the Zoning officer to withdraw the permit because she didn’t like what he was doing. (in HIS front yard). Fortunately the Zoning officer disagreed and up held the permit. This is just one example of the kind of control freak we have in on council.

Barron Zimmers

Muncy resident