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From our readers

By Staff | Feb 7, 2012

From Our Readers

Dear editor,

So Springs Window Fashions (i.e. Mexico North as I like to refer to them) is finally doing it; they are finally shutting down the last vestige of their manufacturing footprint here in the local area & shipping it south. Comes as no surprise to this writer.

It all started several years ago when they began doing cosmetic repairs to the customer service building and the plant. The employees were assured that it was all “to make it more comfortable” for them. Two years later they sold the buildings. Then the jobs/product lines started slowly being shipped south to Mexico. Employees working in the customer service dept. heard all the quality concerns from customers receiving their window coverings. But no matter, the company was still making money due to the slave labor wages being paid to the new Mexican workers.

Mr. Craig Hanson was cited as stating that “market and economic conditions as the cause for the move.” Mr. Hanson please stop; stop using this as the excuse for shipping American jobs south. The real reason is corporate greed, the constant mantra of more, more, more. Loyalty, number of years given to a company, etc. mean nothing. I encourage all people that read this to think before you purchase Graber, Bali, Springmaid, or other Springs Window Fashions Inc. products. You do so at the expense of other’s jobs.

Jeff Smead

Muncy, PA