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By Staff | Jul 8, 2014

Dear readers,

As part of my 2600 page Muncy Encycloepdia, I am reproducing all the booklets ever published of which there are about 20. I lack one.

In l983 there was a photo of Dave Wallis giving a copy of a Chamber of Commerce booklet on Muncy to Bob Burns. There is not copy of it in the library or county historical society, nor does Dave have one.

I am hopefvul about turning up a copy of this 1983 brochiure of Muncy. I am looking for a copy of the 1983 (6″ x 9″) booklet put out by our Chamber of Commerce on Muncy. I do not know the title, but most of the cover, except across the top are photos of Muncy. I merely want to see and reproduce it on my copier, a task that may take ten minutes. Thank you. If anyone has a copy please call Tom Taber at 546-8346.


Tom Taber

Muncy, PA