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Open Letter to Muncy and the World

By Staff | Jul 22, 2014

I am a retired teacher of History, and in this capacity, I have become quite negative in my outlook

of the future. I know the world revolves in circles and that sooner or later “what goes around comes

around.” I recently was diagnosed with pneumonia, and with medication, was confined to home rest.

During my two weeks of inactivity I watched a lot of TV news programs. It became apparent that our

world was falling apart.

We seem to have an influx of border people that we do not know how to handle and a potential

Middle East war and mass killings. Our world seems to be falling apart. But then as if in answer to my

negativity, I happened to look outside. My unattended lawn was being mowed, and trimmed by my

neighbors-Dan and Deb. This unselfish act of one neighbor helping another quickly renewed

my faith in humanity. What a wonderful world we would have if more people would stop what they

are doing and help their neighbors.


William Corson

Muncy, PA