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Letter to editor

By Staff | Apr 14, 2015

To the people who “own” the stray cats that wander on Main St. and Market St. in Muncy (or if you have a cat that you allow to wander anywhere, please take note):

I own two cats, both indoor cats. In your eyes, I may be the bad guy because my cats are always inside, but they are safe from traffic, from other animals, from mean people, from harm.

I also own a dog. A high drive dog who is well trained, well behaved and always leashed or contained in her own yard. She is fine with her own cats and any cat to which she is properly introduced, but she is extremely reactive to your stray cats that run into my garage to escape danger, or wander through my yard looking for birds or small rodents to eat.

She reacts and I have to contain her in her own home, go outside and go against my own nature by chasing your cat out of my yard and my dog’s line of sight. My cats are well cared for. My dog is well cared for and minds her own business most of the time.

All I ask is that you be a responsible pet owner; keep your own animals contained where they belong. If you feel your cat cannot survive without being outside at some point, then find a way to contain it on your own property. Be considerate of those of us who have already figured it out!

Elizabeth Thompson

Muncy, PA