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Muncy people care

By Staff | Aug 5, 2015

I have been weeding our front lawn of violets, dandelions and weeds. I do

it as a lazy person. Instead of bending over I lie on the grass and dig them

out. Five times now people driving by saw me on the ground and with white

hair have stopped to see if I needed help (or died I guess). Had this

happened only once I would not think much of it, but five times!

Muncy people care, and that trait I hope will never change. I also think it

has helped because we did not widen South Main Street so that it is a more

intimate street than in Hughesville, or wherever PennDOT can widen a road for

its love of the trucking industry at the expense of the property owner.

People drive a narrower street differently than a broad one, and those five

people, none of whom knew me, prove it.

Thank you Main Street Association for preventing the widening although it

took me 15 years to realize the benefit. The British attitude on its main

roads is so different from PennDOT and the U.S.

North Main Street was widened on a 5 to 4 vote when PennDOT lied to council. That was when I first came in 1959.

Tom Taber

Muncy, PA