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The Muncy Cemetery needs more care

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

I am disappointed to see the lack of care and attention now given to the cemetery. Mowing seems rather random (even with rainy weather taken into consideration) and is often done in a manner that leaves large clumps, and rows, of mowed grass lying all over the grounds. Trimming seems equally random, with some gravesites trimmed neatly, others where the untrimmed grass is quite tall between the grave markers and also extends ” a few” inches out away from the site, and yet others where the trimming has sheared off flowers that have been planted.

All in all, the cemetery is certainly not at the standards that were evident in the past. There may be many reasons for this, including budget restraints, etc. But the fact remains that our cemetery deserves better. Cemeteries in surrounding towns (Hughesville and Montoursville, for example) are currently better maintainted than is Muncy’s.

It is not practical to expect extended personal attention to each and every gravesite. When possible, those duties should fall to the family and friends of those interred. Our family, like many others, tries to assure that mulch is applied each year, flowers planted, and somewhat routine weeding, etc. is accomplished. I also understand that there are many gravesites where there may no longer be any family members available to accomplish these tasks. Those sites will need to depend on the traditional trimming and mowing.

Recently, I went to the cemetery to maintain some family gravesites and found, in addition to what can be considered less than the hoped for maintenance, that several USA flags that adorn veterans’ graves were either or almost falling over, and in some cases, were laying on the ground.

Granted, some of the recent violent storms could be partially to blame. I straightened and reset as many as I could while I was there. I am not blaming those who so graciously placed the flags there initially. I simply believe that the veterans that served our country deserve to have their gravesite flags properly installed and maintained. I wish there was a better way to place the flags in such a fashion that was less subject to storms and the obvious necessity of mowing and trimming. How to accomplish that and assure it is perpetual should be given additional consideration.

My hope is that this letter will stir up some discussion and direction with those who are in charge of Muncy Cemetery and return the status of this final resting place, and place of honor to its previous and deserved appearance.


Tom Brittain

Muncy, PA