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Thanks for the memories!

By Staff | Jun 1, 2016

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the article about the Eagle Theater.

In the forty’s, I spent much time with my grandmother on Pinchtown Hill. The highlight of our week was Gene Autry or Roy Rogers at the Eagle.

We followed this with a sundae at Miller Drug Store with ice sundaes from Herr’s, always pineapple and mine was butterscotch. Yum!!!

Then came the scary walk home through the narrows. For a 7 to 8 year old, it was scary. But it was worth it to be with Grammie, the movie and the sundae.

Many years later, my oldest son was stationed at Victor Hill in the Air Force. His wife worked at a pharmacy where Roy Rogers shopped. He would come in and sometimes sing to them. They were all thrilled and so was I for them – a real nice guy.

Small world…

Thanks for the memories!

Shirley Hilner

Hughesville, PA