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An Easter Dinner

By Staff | May 2, 2019

Dear Luminary,

Reba Shaner Fry was the host of an Easter dinner at her home recently.

Those present were: Sue Ann and Scott Swisher; Danielle and Abby Swisher; Ed and Mason and E.J. Swisher; Danielle, Alex and Cole Esgroth; Nathan, Jackie, Kiah, and Kaylee Minier of Unityville.

Also present were: Rebecca and Rowdy Minier of Lairdsville; Heather, Tucker, Damion, Chase, Grace Hearn; and Joy Fry of Muncy.

Others who came were Lee and Karen Fox; Logan Fry; and Katie, Charles, Wesley and Alexa Minier of Hughesville.

From the hostess,

Reba P. Fry

Hughesville, PA