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Leaving His Post

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

There are many things that give the borough of Muncy its charm: a picturesque Main Street ornamented by historic homes, friendly family neighborhoods, a quaint but well-stocked library, and the ever-present marquee of the Ritz. Yet all of these wonderful things are just the setting.

What makes Muncy Muncy are the characters who live there. Most of them live quiet lives, but some of them are…well, characters. They are those special individuals who can make something as mundane as a visit to the post office into a memorable event.

From 1983 until his retirement on last Monday, Nov. 3, Jim Nuss did just that. Serving as a clerk in the Muncy Post Office, he sold thousands of stamps and processed boatloads of packages, all while making his customers smile with his sparkling wit and warm grin.

“It’s all been really neat, because I began my career working with the public back in 1970 when I worked before and after school in a little store here on Main Street called The Holiday Market. Now, 38 years later I’m still on Main Street, [but] selling stamps behind a counter. At least I’ve moved up the street and not down,” he quips.

Between those two jobs, Nuss served eight years in the U.S. Air Force, worked picking apples at a local fruit farm, and was employed by PP&L in Montoursville before being hired for his first postal service position in Williamsport.

“When I first started, we didn’t have any computers. We figured out how much the customer owed by doing the math on a piece of paper. Things have really changed. But people don’t change, and I will miss them and the stories they have brought into my life,” he said.

During his career, Nuss had several opportunities to become Postmaster, but enjoyed helping people. “It’s been a real blessing,” Nuss says of his time at the post office. “Every day is like another page in a book, wondering what’s going to happen, good or bad.”

Post office employees say that they will miss Jim’s friendly, welcoming presence and his remarkable sense of humor.

“He always had a good joke everyday no matter what was going on,” coworker Linda Fuller says. “I’ll miss his friendliness.”

Postmaster Tim Stockdale says that he deeply appreciates Nuss’s “years of commendable service.” He adds that “The good reputation that is enjoyed by the Muncy Post Office was built largely on the service of Jim Nuss.”

In spite of the title “retired,” the Muncy native does not plan to spend his days in idleness. He says he will devote more time to his wife Connie, their three grown children and four grandchildren, play some tennis and golf, and continue to share the preaching duties at New Hope Community Fellowship.

Nuss also plans to write and illustrate a book of 160 of his original jokes.

“It will be a little quieter at the Muncy Post Office. The ‘singing postman’ will no longer sing, tell jokes, or make a fuss over the babies and children,” Nuss said nostalgically.

Buying stamps may not be as much fun anymore, but the citizens of Muncy can look forward to seeing one of their favorite hometown characters around the community a little more often.

He may no longer handle the mail, but he’ll still be delivering smiles.