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‘Truly an Honor’

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

It resembled more of a family reunion than a dedication last Saturday as Dick Lloyd told an audience of nearly 150 former co-workers, shareholders, friends and relatives that the best decision he ever made was to join Muncy Bank & Trust Company–back in 1969.

Some 40 years later he was honored with a legacy–having a building addition to the bank named after him.

“It’s truly an honor,” Lloyd said. “It’s so rare and unexpected.”

The former bank president, who retired in 1996, was on hand as the ribbon was snipped for the official opening of the Richard H. Lloyd Annex, coinciding with the bank’s first date of opening–115 years ago.

Located in the former site of the Pine Cafe on the west side of the bank, the addition offers new and expanded facilities, including board and training rooms, offices, bathrooms and other needs. Muncy Bank & Trust Co. President Dan Berninger said that the bank needed a new trust area and to relocate the board room from the Hughesville branch to its headquarters in Muncy.

“I think as you enter into the new building, you’ll see how nice it has worked out,” he said, shortly before a tour of the facility.

Referencing the long history of the bank since its origins in 1893, he noted that it is an example of a success story.

The bank started out with just three employees, including Clyde Smith who later became bank president.

Through the years, the bank survived economic downturns, including the Great Depression, and two world wars, not once closing its doors.

In the late 1970s, rising inflation and interest rates as well as deregulation, ushered in an era of bank mergers.

However, by a vote of 6-2, Berninger recalled, the bank agreed to stay independent.

It was in 1983 that Lloyd took over as bank president, succeeding Merle Brucklacher.

“Dick was always a fair guy and conservative in nature which served us well,” Berninger said, choking back tears. “Had it not been for Dick we would not be here today.”

Berninger further noted Lloyd’s willingness to help and his community involvement made the bank successful.

Lloyd deflected credit elsewhere, citing talents and commitment of employees and the support of the bank’s board of directors.

“To think about the job they have done,” he said. “We don’t just have personnel, we have experts.”

Customer services, he said, has long been the bank’s strength, and the new improvements to the facility ensure privacy for clientele.

During Lloyd’s tenure, the bank opened branch offices in Hughesville and Clarkstown and has continued to grow.

Today, the bank holds $220 million in assets, Berninger noted.

Rev. Karl-John Stone, assistant to the bishop, Upper Susquehanna Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church, said that everyone has a calling.

“Thank you for the service,” he told Lloyd.