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Second Councilman Resigns

By Staff | Nov 12, 2008

Less than two weeks after appointing a new councilman, the resignation of another was announced by Muncy Borough Council on Tuesday. Michael Fornwalt’s resignation was accepted by council, retroactive to Oct. 23.

Council President Vivian Daily said his presence will be missed. He has been busy working out of town, she said.“I think Mike has served us well,” Councilman Galen Betzer said. “In dealing with contracts and so forth, he was a good advocate for the borough.”

The borough is seeking someone to fill the remaining three years of Fornwalt’s term. Council will require candidates to answer issues-related questions in writing, as they did when new Councilman Lloyd Wurster was appointed Oct. 23 to Rodney Knier’s former seat.

Fornwalt had also recently resigned from his post on the borough’s water committee. Councilwoman Karen Richards was appointed his replacement to the committee.

Members of the authority discussed relations with the borough during a public meeting held immediately before Tuesday’s regular council meeting.

Borough Solicitor David Smith and Authority Solicitor Howard Langdon will be closely examining budgets, legal documents and past practices. Both agreed to outline their plans further before any policy changes are made. Smith and Langdon will review authority revenue, which is supplemented with allocations from outside the borough.

Contrary to information given last meeting, the borough outdoor furnace ban is already enacted. It was approved Oct. 7 and no further readings of the ordinance are needed, according to borough Manager Ed Coup.

Another ordinance, approving the occupational privilege tax, was approved. The tax will be increased from $10 to $52 for most people working within the borough. Anyone earning less than $12,000 annually will be exempt from payment. The school district will receive $5 of the payments, while $47 goes to the borough.

Councilwoman Linda Stein said the borough is developing its annual budget, and first reading is expected Nov. 20. Stein announced the Pennsylvania Downtown Center named the borough a Main Street Community, making grants for murals or landscaping possible. Application deadline is Dec. 8, she said.

Council also hired Hughesville resident Mary Lynne Rager as a secretary, who will begin work later this month.