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Board Prioritizes Wish List

By Staff | Nov 26, 2008

Consider it a “wish list” with some “must do” items for the betterment of Muncy High School. That’s what the Muncy School Board looked at during its regular monthly meeting last Tuesday.

Gary Hepler of Foreman Architects in Zelienople presented the list of potential building and facilities improvements with one of the largest, complete window replacement, estimated at more than $550,000.

“We don’t have the money for all of the projects,” said David Edkin, district business manager. “The board is going to prioritize.”

Hepler helped out on that end.

He suggested the district consider repairing a faulty storm-water system, along with particular downspouts leaking water into the front of the school. It is a project estimated to be in the $25,000 range, Hepler said.

“We’re just trying to get water away from the building because right now it is taking its toll on the foundation,” Superintendent Dr. Portia Brandt said.

Another top consideration is handicapped accessibility on a cart-way leading to the football field, which isn’t expected to cost more than $2,500.

A third potential project on the ”short list” may be side lighting to illuminate the rear of the parking lot, Hepler said.

A number of other projects are on the list as well, including landscaping, replacing sidewalks on West Penn Street used for graduation, and testing of asphalt to determine whether the project will require removing the material or putting a top coating on it.

Such bore testing is expected to be put out for bid next month.

The difference in the asphalt repair is a project costing $275,000 versus one amounting to $90,000, Hepler said. It is among the second costliest for the board to review.

“Obviously,” he said, “the biggest project is the window replacement, which was done 20 years ago.”

Most of these projects can be done during summer, he added.