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Taxes Held at 3 Mills

By Staff | Nov 26, 2008

For the second year in a row, Muncy Borough residents can expect no tax increases.

Council introduced its 2009 budget last, Thursday, proposing to would keep property tax payment at 3 mills.

“There is no tax increase,” said Councilwoman Linda Stein, finance committee chair.

Stein read four balanced budgets: The general fund of $1,107,200, a $801,090 sewer fund, a $642,600 water fund and $55,500 in state liquid fuels funding for highway maintenance needs.

The budgets must be available for public viewing for 30 days before they can be considered for final approval, which will occur sometime next month, on a date to be advertised.

Comparing the draft budget to the one approved last year, Stein said real estate transfer tax revenue is reduced from $25,000 to $15,000, “because we think there will be less real estate transferring,” Stein said.

The earned income tax line item is reduced from $180,000 to $165,000.

Because the borough is collecting an occupational privilege tax instead of a local services tax, $25,000 will be collected instead of $4,000.

Much of the budget was based on personnel committee input, according to Stein.

For fiscal year 2009, an average hourly wage increase of 50 cents was approved for non-uniform borough employees. A 3.5-percent police officer wage increase was approved.

Alicia Myers was appointed as a new councilwoman, replacing Michael Fornwalt, who resigned Oct. 23. Fornwalt was re-elected to a four-year term last November.

“I am willing to serve in any way needed,” Myers said. “I do not have a preconceived agenda.”

Self-employed in Muncy for 17 years, Myers has served on the Muncy Shade Tree Commission.

Councilwoman Karen Richards said a $22,500 state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant was approved, allowing the borough to plan recreation improvements. She said public meetings will be held early next year to gauge community opinions.

T. Ross Brothers will repair the public library roof for $40,789, which was damaged by hail in August 2007.

Another project will be advertised for bids, as Borough Manager Ed Coup said West Water Street pump station rehabilitation is necessary.

Steve Gardner was hired to remove a hazardous tree on North Market Street for $1,225.