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Postage Due

By Staff | Dec 3, 2008

Area churches are helping to spread some holiday cheer to the inmates of Muncy’s State Correctional Institution.

According to SCI Chaplain Jim Savage, each of the over 1300 women serving time at the prison will be provided with three Christmas cards to send to family members and friends. In an effort to insure that every inmate will be able to mail the holiday greetings, the prison’s chaplains have partnered with local churches to provide the needed postage stamps.

Collection boxes for the stamps have been set up at Muncy’s Church of the Resurrection and Pennsdale’s New Life Church for several weeks.

“This is an important project for our churches because it reflects the love of Jesus Christ to a people who need to know that love, especially this time of year,” said the Rev. Robert Lauver of New Life Church. “It will enable them to send a card to a loved one, child, or relative with whom they otherwise could not communicate.”

The Very Rev. Father Glenn McCreary of the Catholic Church of the Resurrection, agreed. “Stamps are coming in. I think people respond to the situation of women who want to be in touch with friends and families at the holiday and don’t have the resources we so often take for granted,” he said.

Chaplain Savage is encouraged by the community’s participation in the stamp drive.

“I think this is what we should do locally to support those who are incarcerated,” he said. “This is a difficult time of year for them. Being able to send the cards really makes their holiday.”

The goal of collecting over 3,900 stamps is a lofty one, but Christmas is the perfect time for miracles.

Stamps may be dropped off at either New Life Church, 1006 Village Road, Pennsdale or the Catholic Church of the Resurrection, 75 Musser Lane. The last day for collection will be Friday, Dec. 5.