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Art Studio Behind Door No. 22

By Staff | Dec 12, 2008

Instructors for classes opening soon at ‘Crickhollow Studio’ in Muncy include (l-r): Lori Sayman, Rodney Robert Brown and Lisa Reiser. An open house will be held at the 22 S. Main Street site Dec. 19. (Carol Sones Shetler)

‘Crickhollow’ seemed an unlikely name for a soon to open artisans studio on Muncy’s Main Street. Unlikely, that is, until Lisa Rieser explained its concept. “Taken from ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ Crickhollow was a place hobbits retreated seeking sanctuary,” Rieser said.

Her studio, which houses the efforts of three artisans, is intended to be a place of refuge, respite and rejuvenation from the race humans run daily.

Formerly of New Jersey, Rieser and husband Charles found Muncy and this studio to be their Crickhollow, inviting the community to share the experience.

In order to offer a variety in workshops, the ceramics instructor placed a placard in the window seeking local artists. This resulted in bringing actor Rodney Robert Brown and painter Lori Sayman through door No. 22 on South Main Street.

Brown will instruct 12 week classes in acting. His affiliations include membership in The Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity Association and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Posing the following thought provoking question, Brown ask, “What if a pool of two dozen professional level quality actors could be found in Lycoming County? Finding and training such persons could possibly lead to a theatre group or short film work.”

Brown whole heartedly recommends classes will provide a time to decompress while getting away from computers and television.

“With attributes learned in acting, individuals could gain in a personal level, expand confidence and use learned techniques in relationships to better control life situations,” he said.

Brown moved to Muncy two-and-one-half years ago with his wife, Muncy native Bonnie Egli.

A required but untouched college book, Robert Henri’s “The Art Spirit,” has been read by Sayman the past six years. “I recognize in today’s society, the “Art Spirit” is seldom taught.

By sheer chance, Sayman has been given an opportunity to create sessions to do so. “Art Spirit” is expressionism and will not give the same impression as “couch art.” Expressionism is a source of intentional, personal growth and therapy which finds and reveals the makeup of you,” the painter said.

No one can say “that’s a mistake,” for in this type of art, there are no mistakes to be made. The studio is prepared to be a non-isolational environment stimulating and allowing growth. “The objective is not to critique or jury, but to express the makeup of you,” Sayman said.

The many components of art work will be addressed in sessions including form, color, perspective and contrast. Both children and adult class are available.

The shop’s lower level is filled with a kiln, clay and tools. “No experience is necessary to enter the course which covers basic hand-building techniques including pinch, coil, slab and drape,” Rieser said.

Speaking from personal experience Reiser said, “The creative process can heal souls damaged by tragic circumstances,” and also, “Art is for everyone. We all started at the same place, where or how far one goes depends on an individual’s degree of commitment.”

In conversation all agreed, it’s not always important to earn a name such as Faulkner, Hemingway or Monet, it’s about the joy of the journey.

Open house will be Friday, Dec. 19 beginning at 11 a.m. A meet the artist and refreshment event is scheduled from 7-9 p.m. Just in time for the holiday, gift certificates can keep on given through the cabin fever days of early 2009. Printed schedules are available at downtown Muncy businesses or by visiting www.lreiser.webs.com.