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Luminary Launches New Web Site

By Staff | Dec 23, 2008

Beginning this week, visitors to www.muncyluminary.com will notice significant improvements in the web site, which has grown to be the definite source for news and information in this immediate region.

With the changes come a more modern look, where readers will find a score of enhanced features that include calendars, poll questions, user registration, a photo gallery, blogs and e-mail alerts.

“The new site allows us to post more information to explain a story, provide readers with links to more information and documents that may, in some cases, provide background information for a story,” said Managing Editor Cindy Knier, who added, “These options were not available when our original website launched two years ago.”

With registration capabilities, readers can create their own account, which allows them to post comments on stories, blogs and polls, in addition to providing photos to the site’s new CU (See You) photo gallery.

Staying current with a weekly newspaper can be challenging, Knier noted, particularly with a developing story. “We will be able to maintain our “bread-and-butter” articles that our readers enjoy in newspaper print, while having the capabilities of a daily information center with the enhanced web site,” she said. Web site visitors will notice daily updates to the site.

Advertising options also have been improved on the site. Local businesses now have more options to get their messages across, including more sizes of ads, with the option to have their ads placed on the home page.

“We are working hard to assure the site is as relevant to our online readers as possible, bringing them in a digital format our readers need and want. We’ve had the same mission as a printed newspapers for years,” said Interim Publisher Robert Rolley.

“By improving the digital version of the paper, we are striving to improve both the online and offline experience our readers receive when they read The Luminary.”