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Merchants Mull Muncy’s Marketability

By Staff | Feb 4, 2009

During the January meeting of the Muncy Professional and Business Association, Anna Falat was elected as ChairPerson, replacing Paul Putney. Resuming their positions as Co-Chair were Layne Oden; Sandy Putney as Secretary and Karen Spring as Treasurer.

Executive Board members were Paul Putney, Wayne McPheron, Laura Smith, Chris Johnson and Tillie Noviello.

Guest speaker was Linda Stein who represented the Economic Restructuring Committee from Our Town 2010 Program. Stein addressed the body with her concerns and mission for 2009 and suggested working with the Muncy Historical Society to achieve art initiatives such as a mural project, link with the Heritage Park and bike path, utilize the Ritz Theater for the performance arts.

As a borough representative Stein suggested the business organization work with the borough to achieve the DCNR Grant for a walking trail and bike path.

She also recommended beginning efforts to accomplish the StreetScape for which $30,000 t0 $40,000 is needed; eature Muncy’s historic district and enforce codes, and enlist a farmers’ market.

As incoming Chairperson, Anna Falat asked for input concerning business development, and expressed a wish to see arts highlighted by utilizing the RT 15 Arts Program. She met with Gene Yaw and discussed Muncy concerns and also met with Russ Kimora, Our Town 2012 Chair.

Members suggested having a Public Relations person to keep the public aware of the organization’s events; an Open House Day; a Business Show Case; a Shop “Muncy” commercial; partnering with the school for more community involvement; a Regional Theater Arts group from the three local schools incorporating the Ritz; establishing committee chairs for next meeting; help market and sell arts to the outside world through the Rt. 15 group.

The next meeting is Thursday, Feb. 5 at Orlie’s Deli, 7 p.m.