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By Staff | Mar 25, 2009

From left to right: Randy Treese, Colton Farley, Matthew Reinhart, Bailey Knapsack, Lions President Larry Kohle, Katie Scarborough, and Tiffany Waughen. (photo provided by Joan Wheal Blank)

Montgomery Lion Club president Larry Kahle was presented three $100 checks from the Montgomery Leo Club at the Lions meeting on March 11.

Six of the 26 Leos who make up the group of middle school students donated a portion of the proceeds that were raised during a candle sale last fall. A total of $300 was handed over to benefit Lions projects Leader Dogs for the Blind, Millville’s Camp Victory, and Journey for Sight.

The Montgomery Leo Club, which was formed last year with twenty members, now has twenty-six 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, and hope to increase those numbers to at least 40 by next year, according to Leo Club Advisor and middle school geography and history teacher, Paul Roman.

“We hope we can get a Leo group started in the high school next year,” Roman said. He then went on to list the numerous projects the Leos have been involved in during the past year.

“Last Thanksgiving, they collected over 500 canned goods to donate to the local food bank, they participated in the Halloween parade, and they helped recently at the Max Litzelman fundraiser where they also donated $50 to the family.”

The group plans to be involved with the Easter Egg Hunt at the park and the Memorial Day auction on May 23.

Leo Club vice president Randy Treese is a Leo member because he “makes friends and helps people in need.” Bailey Knapsack, the president of the Leos, added, “we are proud of the progress we’ve made this year.”

The Leo Club meets two times per week at the Montgomery Middle School. For more information, contact Paul Roman 547-1608 ext 352.