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Muncy Bank Rated In Top 200 Community Banks

By Staff | Jul 7, 2009

MUNCY – Muncy Bank and Trust Company was recently recognized as one of the Top 200 Community Banks in America in the United States Bankers Top 200 Community Banks in America. There were certain criteria that had to be met to reach this accomplishment according to David Mayer, Senior Vice President and Sales Division Manager who has been employed at the bank for fourteen years.

One of those criteria was to have assets of two billion dollars or less based upon a three year average Return on Equity as listed in the June 2009 issue of US Banker Magazine, a national publication. “We are proud of our bank,” said Mayer. “We have continuing growth and earnings and offer our services to the local community. We are a full service bank and experienced exceptional growth last year in our deposits and loans,” he added. While many banks have had problems due to the economic downturn, Muncy Bank and Trust Company has realized their growth and earnings ranked them as one of the premier community banks in the country. “This accomplishment was made possible with the help of our staff for giving outstanding dedication to excellence,” says Mayer, also a Muncy resident. “We can customize better here and residents can talk directly to our staff.”

The Muncy Bank and Trust Company was established in 1893 and currently has five locations in Muncy, Hughesville, Clarkstown and Montoursville. A new branch is scheduled to open later this year in Dewart. “This will be a natural extension of our market,” notes Mayer. “We have continued to experience an upward trend in growth and strong earnings in these hard economic times and we will continue to provide loans, our services and our products.”

As of December 3, from the top 200 community banks listed, 24 were in Pennsylvania according to an analysis of data compiled for U.S. Banker by SNL Financial LC, up from eight a year earlier.