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Missionary Outreach Gives International Students Some Assistance

By Staff | Aug 18, 2009

From left to right Mollie Dilcher, Alicia Myers, Karen Dilcher, Beverly Bower, and Ray Plotts, elder bring out an assortment of colorful laundry baskets filled with items for foreign students coming to IUP as part of an International Student Outreach program.

HUGHESVILLE- Scott Weigner from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and his wife, Elizabeth have received some assistance from the congregation at New Hope Community Fellowship Church in Wolf Township. In early August a special collection was taken to help International students coming to Indiana University with some useful toiletries to use at their dormitories.

Ten baskets were made up with items purchased by several local women in the church so they can be distributed this week to the students. Beverly Bower from Watsontown and grandmother to Elizabeth, arrived early last Tuesday evening to take the items to the Weigners at the University. The local church has agreed to partner with the missionary there and offered to help some of the students by filling laundry baskets with cleaning products, shampoo, detergents, manicure supplies, towels, razors, anti-bacterial spray and gum. Dr. Thomas Eiswerth donated toothpaste and Dr. Mary Barberio donated toothbrushes.

Many of the students are from the Middle East and Africa and arrived at the Pittsburgh Airport and were picked up by Weigner in a van donated by the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania. The students couldn’t bring a lot with them to the United States because of the restrictions at the airlines. “There is a good mix of ages and life stages of these students. Some of them are just starting out and they are truly grateful for the donations,” said Weigner.