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A Local Band But An International Act

By Staff | Dec 1, 2009

The band is rehearsing for their holiday concert at the Community Arts Center on December 12 at the home of Richard and Allison Rupert in Hughesville.

HUGHESVILLE – “A winning sensation” explains US Agency from Lewisburg about the Front Porch Country Band. These local professional musicians have been on the scene for awhile, since 2002 and are very well known in the area as individual talented musicians. Their first public concert was at the Scottish Rite auditorium in downtown Williamsport in June of 2002 on Father’s Day. They gave a benefit concert for the Lycoming County United Way. But since The Front Porch Country Band collectively put their natural abilities together, they have been able to produce three albums in just fifteen months.

Their newest album, “Here We Go Again” was just released in the fall and features fifteen original new songs and recordings that reflect listeners to traveling the back roads of the United States. Their music has a focus on American folklore and a timeless travel and country sound. Lead singer, Kim Reichley, from Lewisburg and one of the founders of the band says that their music expresses all the energy and emotions we’ve expended along the way, about places we’ve been, or still want to get to. The songs from Here We Go Again are a blending musical odyssey hitching a musical ride from northern Canada to the southern Mississippi Delta and stopovers in Alaska and Hawaii.”

Playing the guitar and their love for the guitar are what brought them all together. /They have been told that their six part harmonies might be considered one of America’s greatest guitar bands. Their music is an inspiration from the Kingston Trio who produced four albums in 1959 and made the Billboards Top Ten Album Chart. The local band says that they salute this fourth album to the Kingston Trio because much of the music from this album is folk inspired.

“There’s originality in our sound. I like playing in a band with people who’ve got experience in a lot of different styles of music. We all bring a different thing to the table, different element to the songs. It makes the music deep and it’s really cool to play with these guys,” said Rupert,Previous albums released from The Front Porch Country Band are “Hot Rock Comes To The Country,” “America Standing Tall,” “Somebody Tonight” and “The World China Tour.”

The local band members are Rick Buck, Watsontown and plays lead guitar and drums, Johhny Jolin, Watsontown, lead vocals and guitars, Joseph Paul Hauserman, Williamsport, vocals, percussion and keyboards, Kim Reichley, Lewisburg, lead vocals, guitars and bass, Alison Rupert, Hughesville, lead vocals and guitar and Richard Rupert, Hughesville, lead guitars and drums. Together they play a blazing sound of rock mixed with guitar country.

A holiday concert is scheduled for December 12 at the Community Arts Center. Twelve original holiday songs from their album “Christmas Once Upon A Time” will be featured with their six part harmonies vocalizing images of a more simple time in life by playing delicate acoustic guitars over a gentle rocking bass. The band has organized a website for listeners around the world at www.ChristmasOnceUponATime.com.

Future plans include an international tour to China and Europe in 2010 and 2011. The group likes to do charity benefits as well and has some concerts planned for the near future after they perform their world premiere Christmas concert at the Community Arts Center.