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HO HO HO – Santa Comes To Town

By Staff | Dec 8, 2009

MUNCY – A wintery snowy morning was the perfect backdrop for the arrival of Santa on Saturday as several young children awaited his presence at the Muncy Historical Society. But before he arrived, the boys and girls were entertained by Steve Fairchild, a retired professor, who pulled out gifts and sang songs with them. He engaged them in the lyrics of ‘Santa Is His Namo’ and ‘The Reindeer Pokey’ in anticipation of his arrival. Close to thirty children came with their parents to see Santa and hear Bill Poulton tell the story, “It was the night before Christmas.” His lighted candle and red and white striped pajamas with matching cap set the scene and the mood for “good ‘ol Saint Nick.”

As the snow fell, Poultin read the story and the sounds of bells and hoofs kept the children centered on the story as they sat huddled in front of the Poultin and Fairchild.

Mrs. Claus stood in the back and waited for Santa to come through the museum’s door so he could hear what the children wanted for Christmas. Finally after several minutes of what seemed like an eternity to the young school aged children, Santa came bearing trinkets and treasures.

Brothers Joshua, 7 and Michael, 8, Kustanbauter from Muncy said they really liked the story the best. Their mother, Angie, said that this was the second time she brought her boys to this event and it has always been nice. Kelly Groover said that she has been bringing her girls for five years now to the reading at the Historical Society’s museum. Twins Hannah and Sarah Dgtien, daughters of Tony and Vickie Dgien in Muncy also came last year. “This is always a nice tradition for us,” said Vickie. This is the tenth year for the annual reading according to director, Linda Poultin.

After the reading and Santa giving, refreshments were served and Santa left to get ready to arrive to his house in downtown Muncy for awhile next to the Post Office.

A long line of children were waiting before noon in the falling snow to see him arrive in a fire truck from Keystone and Ladder with Mrs. Claus. It is a community gathering that is well attended.every year.