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Deer Processing and Custom Service Keep Locals Coming Back

By Staff | Jan 13, 2010

Thomas M. Springman II is fourth generation owner of the Country Store in Pennsdale. In 2003 he added venison processing as one of their services.

PENNSDALE – Thomas M. Springman II is a very busy man. But not busy enough to take time out for his customers and their needs. He is a fourth generation family member to run and operate the Country Store since its inception in the mid 1800’s. Over the years and still today, The Country Store has been well known for its cured and smoked meats, particularly hams. “We still like to do it the old fashioned way sealing in our special flavors,” says Springman II. John A. Springman purchased the store in 1905 and operated it as a General Store, much like it is today. Although the butcher shop and the retail store is the main source of its business, Springman has added other services to the company including custom venison processing, catering, a wholesale mail order business, seasonal gift packaging and creating new products. Using his culinary talents and background experience, this generation family member is becoming quite confident at his abilities to multi-task. He keeps up to twenty people gainfully employed, and constantly seeks challenges to improve the product. “Since I am a chef by trade, it made sense to me to expand our product base and line of services,” he said. Most recently Thomas Springman II was featured in January’s Food and Wine 2010 edition for perfecting a bacon, an all natural product that is cured and processed with a mixture of unique spices. “I was excited to develop this product specifically for Transatlantic Foods, a national marketing food distributor in Manhatten. The bacon is being served in several frequented restaurants in New York City. This time of year, however, Springman and his staff are busy with venison processing. which he started in 2003. Now until the end of February, the Country Store will be taking orders for all wild and small game. Customers can get stick bologna, hot dogs, venison mini sticks, smoked sausage, steaks, and whole and ground jerky. A new facility was built on to the Country Store in 2003 for processing. It is USDA approved. “We will do whatever the customer wants,” explained Springman. “We can do a wide base of fresh products, cured and smoked from processing bacon to curing bear and wild boar.” Other family members help out as well. His father and wife, Bobbi Jo, and many of the employees have been there for a very long time. Marla Brooks who works with office billing and scheduling has been there for almost 27 years and helped Springman II learn the ropes when he took over the family business. A carcass can be dropped off anytime Monday through Saturday until February 28. Tags are available outside alongside of the building to complete customer information. It will up to two weeks on average to turn an order, but since the season is winding down it could be quicker according to Springman to process. Bologna takes longer. The Country Store served over 750 customers for the season.