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Muncy School Board receives special dinner

By Staff | May 4, 2010

Culinary students, Spencer Charles and Sierra Chilcot, from Lycoming CTC serve Dr. Portia Brandt, school superintendent, and Kathi Blaker, school board member, a four course meal they prepared before their budget board meeting.

The Muncy School Board and administrators met last Monday at the Lycoming County Career and Technology Center in Hughesville for a special meal served by the Center’s culinary students before conducting their budget summary board meeting.

“This was a perfect opportunity for board members to see the culinary students do their thing and enjoy a great meal,” said Dr. Portia Brandt. Members got to see how the LycoCTC’s hospitality program works, and a tour of the center was given after dinner by the Technolgy Center’s director, Eric Butler.

There are currently close to 70 students enrolled in the Lycoming County Career and Technology Center from Muncy School District according to high school principal, Tim Welliver.

Spencer Charles, a sophomore at Muncy School District, is enrolled in the culinary arts program and said that he hopes to work on a cruise ship someday as a chef. He said he likes to volunteer his time to help with functions such as the school board meeting. “I learn a lot and I like helping to serve,” he said. A sophomore from Montoursville, Sierra Chilcot also expressed her desire to continue in the field of culinary arts as she helped serve the meal with Charles. “I want to go to work in the medical field as a licensed dietician,” she said.

Back in the commercial kitchen, another student was busy making the meal that was planned ahead of time under the direction of Brian Anstadt, a new instructor hired with the LycoCTC this academic school year. Anstadt, a Hughesville resident who graduated from Hughesville High School in 1999 explained that all three students came on their own time for the evening. They planned all of the courses for the evening and prepared them as competitively and enticingly as any fine dining establishment in a larger market. Beginning with a shrimp bisque and ending with a delectable berry sorbet embellished with homemade chocolate straws, several board members requested a take-home box to finish the four course dinner for another meal.

Mike Sheets, a senior from Montoursville, grilled strip steaks over an open fire and stated that he has been accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. He is looking forward to his career as a chef as he put his culinary skills to practice for the Muncy School board members and administrative staff.