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Walkable community project committee visits Hughesville

By Staff | Jun 4, 2010

HUGHESVILLE – Seda-Cog representatives and members from PennDot joined Mark Murawski, Transportation Planner with Lycoming County, and residents from Hughesville and Wolf Townships to discuss future street scape plans for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Participants viewed the parking lots and soccer fields behind the high school. After much discussion, it was suggested to connect Railroad and Broad Streets with a walking path. Currently students and pedestrians need to cut through private lawns to get to and from school in that location.

Another area of concern was Murray Farm Lane crossing from Boak Ave back and forth on Highway 405 to get to and from school. “It is a three lane highway and very dangerous there,” commented one of the teachers who joined the committee. Crossing from Boak Avenue and the Mobile Home Park to get back and forth to the school on Rt. 405 can be very dangerous. “It is a three lane highway that is often used as a passing lane,” said Gene Winters who is a board member of the East Lycoming Recreation Commission. It is a safety issue and this project will explore different alternatives to make a safer crossing to the school and athletic facilities.

Some ideas that were discussed included installing an overhead light, widening the road, putting in sidewalks with a crossing and adding more lighting. “This area will need to be addressed,” said Brian Auman, Landscape Architect and Principal Planner for SEDA-Council of Governments.

Another intersection that was looked at included the intersection at 118 and 405 to see if it could accommodate larger vehicles that are now traversing more rapidly in the area. “This situation looks good,” commented Murawski. The study committee was generally pleased with the improvements already made in that area with ADA ramps, pavers, street trees and lights.

However, Race Street needs some attention according to the group. The street is very narrow, too narrow for driving and walking they said. Elm Drive and Penn Drive were other areas of concern and looks like a good possibility to add crosswalks and signs going to and from the school added Murawski.

As a whole it is very important that all of the townships and boroughs work together as a partnership to make these connecting communities a reality announced PennDot representatives, Christopher King and Shawn Stille. That would be Muncy Creek Township, Muncy Township, Wolf Township and the Hughesville and Muncy Boroughs. Another organizational meeting to discuss plans and designs will take place in July.