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A timeless thought for all to see

By Staff | Jun 15, 2010

MUNCY – The Muncy Post Office held a memorial celebration earlier this month to honor deceased Postmaster, Timothy Stockdale. A marble plaque was made by Hayhurst and placed in a Memorial Garden facing the west side of the Muncy Post Office on 101 S.Main Street.

“Tim loved live,” current Postmaster, Maggie Magagna announced to a large group of friends and community members who came to the dedication. Montoursville Postmaster and close friend, Ken Barner, also spoke on Stockdale’s behalf. “He was honest and never afraid to say what we were thinking, especially on the golf course where he was very competitive.”

“He was full of life,” said Bob Murano, Postmaster from Milton and Stockdale’s manager. “He was a dear friend.I was with him the Wednesday before he passed away.” Stockdale’s son, Alex also attended the ceremony with his mother, Alice who told the crowd they were pleased for them coming to honor him. “I never heard anyone say a bad word about my father in the 50 years I’ve known him,” 21 year old Alex said. “He is the best guy I’ve ever known,” he added somberly.

John Fave, who organized the event and came up with the idea along with colleague, Dan King, spoke about Tim being a great boss and friend. “It’s just wonderful to see so many people here in his honor,” Fave said prior to reading a letter from mutual friend and colleague, Ron Hayman. The letter revealed how Stockdale loved to play golf and that “he was quite a character”, often playing unexpected practical jokes among his peers and staff. He was professional as a postmastere and a manager and all agreed he will be truly missed.

Stockdale was Postmaster in Muncy from 2000 to 2009.