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Muncy Main Street building gets new facelift

By Staff | Aug 30, 2011

The building at South Main Street received a new facelift by using grant funds from the Main Street program.

MUNCY – Muncy Main Street businesses were greeted with a welcoming new Muncy Facade Project on Monday morning after Providence Engineering on 23 South Main Street completed remodeling the front of the building. Contractors were busy working all week according to Main Street Manager, Becky Fought.

Christopher and Jennifer Fiene who work in the office coordinated the efforts. Chris is an engineer with the engineering corporation and Jen, his wife assisted with the grant process under the Main Street Program.

The Fiene’s began working on the process in early June with administrative support from Fought. The couple consulted with local artist, Nella Storm’s advice and recommendations on the exterior colors. Storm helped devise the scheme for historic accurancy according to Fought. Storm consulted with everyone and was referred by David Barnhardt who owns the building and had Storm as an art teacher while at Muncy Elementary School. Storm has previously created over 600 buildings, many historic including historical societies, judges chambers, law offices, medical offices, architectural firms, apartments and churches plus private residences across the U.S. and internationally.

The contractor doing the work is Stephen Schramm from Williamsport. He has done numerous restoraation projects for Williamsport’s Millionaire’s Row and brings years of experience to the project. “I can’t believe how quickly it is going,” replied Fought. “The painters have been wonderful,” said Jen Fience.

Besides painting, improvements included replacing ten current windows, but retained the stain glass cubes and the exterior painting stated the Fiene’s. “It’s been a real smooth process for all involved,” added Chris Fiene. “The professionalism has been outstanding, and we appreciate how well everything has come together.”

Pat Weber from the Muncy Borough did some preliminary work to help prepare the building by trimming some trees and branches away from the building so it could be painted and Tom Rishel replaced the windows.

A Regional Main Street Design Committee approved a Facade Grant for this restoration. The Main Street grant is a dollar for dollar match program. Any business owner interested in the Main Street Facade Grant program should contact Becky Fought, Regional Main Street Coordinator at 570-447-6252.