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Moxie Energy plans to build new power plant in Clinton Township

By Staff | Nov 15, 2011

MONTGOMERY – Moxie Energy plans to build a new power plant in Clinton Township that could initially involve up to 200 new jobs during the construction phase. Moxie Energy has initiated development of two 800 megawatt combined cycle power plants to be fueled with locally produced natural gas, said Aaron Samson, president. The other one will be in Bradford County.

Both of these projects will be electrically interconnected with the substations adjacent to the sites. Moxie Patriot LLC is the entity for the project in Clinton Township which is expected to begin by mid-2013. Samson said the investment will cost about $800 million.

He hopes to create 30 highly paid technical jobs. Each project will use two large combustion turbine generators and two steam turbine generators in a single shaft configuration.

Waste heat from the two combustion turbine generators will be converted to steam in two large heat recovery steam generators and the steam then will be piped to the turbines.

The steam that leaves the steam turbine generators will be condensed by a large air cooled condenser and the resulting condensed water will be sent back to the heat recovery steam generators.

The air cooled condenser is an incremental $30 million of capital to eliminate the need for river cooling.

Because of the local source of natural gas, no backup fuel will be used.

The projects ultimately will be majority owned by an energy investment fund, a pension trust or a public utility subsidiary.

Moxie Patriot has applied for a height variance and will submit the site plan and air permit applications in December.