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Several lawsuits filed over loss of sports dome

By Staff | Apr 3, 2012

MUNCY – The Generations Sports Complex Dome located next to the YMCA in Muncy Township remains to be a controversial eyesore as it becomes involved in several lawsuits after it collapsed for the second time. The inflatable multi-sport complex opened in 2006 and collapsed in Feb. 2007 due to heavy snow and ice accumulations. The second collapse occurred in Feb. 2011 and the dome has remained unusable since.

The 75 foot high dome has been dismantled and the site now serves as a staging area for gas industry trucks and equipment.

According to documents filed in Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas, Turkey Run Properties, the development group that owns what once was known as the country’s largest air-supported dome, has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company that has refused to pay for damages.

Turkey Run Properties alleges that its insurance carrier, Markel Insurance of Glen Allen, Va., breached its contract by denying coverage based on a typographical error on the forms.

Meanwhile, a former dome operator who leased the facility from Turkey Run Properties has also brought civil action against the owners, claiming he was not negligent for the most recent collapse.

Jeffrey Moose, a Hanover man who directed softball tournaments on behalf of the U.S. Specialty Sports Association of Central and Western Pennsylvania, is seeking a judgment of up to $50,000, according to court papers filed March 8.

In the Markel Insurance case, Turkey Run Properties alleges insurance payments were not made because the group was listed as “Turkey Run Partners.” Neither party recognized the error before the incident.

The lawsuit asks Markel Insurance to “reverse its clearly improper decision to refuse defense and indemnification despite having been paid to provide insurance coverage to (Turkey Run Properties).”

“The denial of coverage by Markel is based entirely upon the fact that the name of Turkey Run Properties was incorrectly spelled,” documents state. “Markel seeks to profit from what is clearly and obviously a typographical error.”

Additionally, as owners of the facility who leased the dome to operators, Turkey Run Properties claims leasees should have been responsible for keeping the structure inflated. Turkey Run Properties named Clif Everett, of Soccer Dome LLC; Moose; and Randy Grieg, of Hyattsville, Md., as operators.

Turkey Run Properties claims operators failed to properly heat the structure and failed to prevent accumulations of snow and ice.

Moose’s case claims he was not responsible for the dome’s structural safety. His lawsuit alleges that “Turkey Run Properties owed a duty of reasonable care to (Moose) to ensure that the dome was safe … Turkey Run Properties LP was clearly aware of problems and defects with respect to the dome structure.”

The lawsuit further claims there have been numerous legal actions against companies 1 1/2 years before Moose used the dome; therefore, he cannot be liable for damages.

Previous lawsuits filed by Turkey Run Properties against manufacturers allege defects in the dome structure, the foundation, mechanical equipment, air handlers and air pressure systems.